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    AMERICAN CULTURAL STUDIES Cultural studies refers to the notion that the study of cultural processes is theoretically and politically important to an active and productive understanding of the ways in which power and influence manifest themselves in social or political order. The historical roots of cultural studies mainly take us to Britain and its Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at Birmingham. In Britain‚ cultural studies in the early days was marked by class‚ later by gender‚ race or

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  • Postmodern Cultural Studies

    Cultural Studies and the Academy 1. Cultural studies in the academies of the advanced capitalist countries has transformed the object of studies in the humanities. In particular‚ in English departments‚ cultural studies has challenged the predominance of the governing categories of literary studies (the "canon‚" the homogeneous "period‚" the formal properties of genre‚ the literary object as autonomous and self-contained) in the interest of producing "readings" of all texts of culture and

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  • Cultural Studies and Nell

    which distorted her language. When Nell’s mother died‚ Dr. Jerome Lovell a nice local doctor discovered her existence. Dr. Lovell asks the help of her friend Dr. Paula Olsen who is a psychology student. Dr. Olsen’s boss‚ Dr. Alexander Paley wants to study Nell in their laboratory believing that Nell is a “rare wild child”. But Dr. Lovell is not convinced in Dr. Paley’s plan. He believes that Nell is not mentally subnormal and should be left to live with her familiar environment. Dr. Lovell always wanted

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  • Cultural Theory

    CULTURAL THEORY CULTURAL THEORY Culture is an essential component for human development. Culture cannot be evaded from and its implications are of importance to the human life. In this study‚ I shall address the aspects of culture as presented in sculptures. A distinct sculpture will be identified and well analyzed in respect to its cultural impact to the entire human life growth and development. It will involve the contribution the cultural entities have and how culture is perceived

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  • Cultural Bias Essay

    Discuss the view that research practices in psychology are culturally bias. (30) Cultural bias occurs if psychological research when the psychologist uses participants from only one culture and then generalises it to others‚ without validation. There are two main types of cultures which psychologist have studied‚ these are individualist and collectivist. Individualistic culture emphasises the importance of an individual whereas collectivist cultures (who are more specifically eastern societies)

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  • Cultural and Arts Festivals

    Culture/Arts To define arts and culture all types of creative expression must be considered ranging from individual to collective and also from grassroots to institutional. Auckland Council. (2012). The Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute believes that culture as a word has become enormously confused. The denotation of culture includes the following six fields yet many more do exist; Language which is and the most developed channel of expression and yet also the oldest human institution‚ Arts &

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  • Economic and Cultural Globalisation

    Cultural Effects of Trade Liberalization Steve Suranovic and Robert Winthrop1 2 September 2005 Abstract We incorporate culture into a standard trade model in two distinct ways. In the “cultural affinity from work” model‚ workers receive a non-pecuniary cultural benefit from work in a particular industry. In the “cultural externality” model‚ consumers of a product receive utility from other consumer’s consumption of a domestic good. We show that resistance to change due to cultural concerns can

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  • Creativity in Contemporary Cultural Production

    Creativity in contemporary cultural production Both ’genius’ and ’creativity’ are terms often used in contemporary Western culture in relation to many different forms of work‚ such as music‚ science‚ art and literature. However‚ the extent to which the notion of ’creative genius’ is either useful or relevant in contemporary Western culture is not certain and remains an object of discussion and debate. Duncan Petrie (1991:1) says‚ "the idea of creativity is bound up with notions of change‚ development

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  • Cultural Identity & Cinematic Representation

    In his paper "Cultural Identity & Cinematic Representation‚" Stuart Hall addresses the issue of cultural identity and the cinematic representation. Stuart remarks that there are several definitions of cultural identity. However‚ he uses it in terms of the idea of "oneness" of people. The definition reflects the common historical experiences ignoring the divisions of the actual sub culture. According to Hall media or Caribbean Cinema has to discover this particular cultural identity. This conception

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  • What Are the Notions of Cultural Imperialism?

    Cultural imperialism is a multi-faceted concept‚ a collection of possible causes with a common effect - the tendency towards homogenization of cultures. This essay will explore the arguments behind the possible causes‚ specifically‚ the notions of forced acculturation as opposed to the voluntary embrace of Western culture. It will refer to theories of post-colonialism and cultural hegemony. First‚ it’s necessary to try to define the term imperialism. Lenin held that imperialism was the highest

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