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Case 6 Financial Detective Bruner Computers

Case 6: The Financial Detective MBA 730-01 Group 2 Introduction Financial characteristics of companies vary both from industry to industry and within a single industry for a variety of reasons. The challenge for any company in planning its strategy is the consideration of the industry’s economics in conjunction with their own strategy to help the company’s financial statements remain strong and competitive across both lines. In this case, we are asked to use this consideration of strategies...

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Case 6 - The Financial Detective

Week 1: Case 6 “The Financial Detective” From the case study of The Financial Detective, 2005 the objective is to place the correct company to match the given financial data and ratios. I will analyze and compare the financial ratios of the companies in each industry and interpret them to identify the correct company. Health Products: Company A is Johnson and Johnson (J&J) as it is evident based on its financials. The cost of goods sold is twice as higher as Company B because J&J has a very...

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Case 6: the Financial Detective

Case 6 : The Financial Detective Financial data is the most crucial information in describing any sort of business, but this information is also useful in differentiating between different types of businesses. In any specific industry, many key players are present, yet their strategies and implementations of business vary greatly. Two firms may achieve the same earned profit, yet go about securing this profit in radically different ways .A close analysis of financial data for each business can...

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Case 7 Financial Detective

which is the seller of the popular Sam Adams line of beers. Boston beer’s products are part of a microbrew. Company D’s proportion of cash and cash equivalents, which is extremely higher than company C’s show their conservative approach to its financial management. Company C shows a relatively high level of PP&E, which is consistent with its status as a major brewery. Company D has much lower net fixed assets since much of their operations are outsourced. Company C also has higher fixed assets...

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The Financial Detective

The Financial Detective Kyle Cornelius This case set contains information for two separate companies in eight different industries. Our task is to differentiate the companies based on what we know about them from a qualitative stand point and the financial data that we are provided. The first one we will examine is in the healthcare field. One firm develops and manufactures prescription drugs and sells them to healthcare professionals directly using sales people. They have several unique...

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The Investment Detective

Bruner: Case Studies in Finance: Managing for Corporate Value Creation, 4/e IV. Capital Budgeting and Resource Allocation 17. The Investment Detective © The McGraw−Hill Companies, 2003 CASE 17 The Investment Detective The essence of capital budgeting and resource allocation is a search for good investments in which to place the firm’s capital. The process can be simple when viewed in purely mechanical terms, but a number of subtle issues can obscure the best investment choices....

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Financial Detective, 1996

Case 6, Financial Detective, 1996 NEWSPAPERS : 1) Centralized (Worlwide) - NEW YORK TIMES Fierce competition price depends on the market More efficient ° Higher inventory turn L ° Beta closed to 1.00 (worldwide) L 2) Decentralized (Midwest) - LEE ENTREPRISE Monoplolist price like you want ° Higher gross margin K ° Higher other assets (goodwill) K STEEL : 1) Big - INLAND ° Lower receivable turn O ° higher D/E (older, stable) O 2) Small - NUCOR ...

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Case 6 the Financial Detective, 2005

Adam Dylik Case 6 The Financial Detective, 2005 Health Products Company A has a much higher ratio of Cash & Short Term Investments, Receivables, and Inventories (24.2%, 12.8%, 7.0%) as compared to Company B (16.1%, 8.1%, 5.4%) which is lower in every asset category ratio besides Intangibles and Investments & Advances, 46.1% to 22.2% and 3.1% to .1%. This proves that Company A has cash on hand from the sale of side divisions and that they have a large production facility. Company B...

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Busi640 Investment Detective

For the exclusive use of S. YAN UV0072 Version 2.2 THE INVESTMENT DETECTIVE The essence of capital budgeting and resource allocation is a search for good investments in which to place the firm’s capital. The process can be simple when viewed in purely mechanical terms, but a number of subtle issues can obscure the best investment choices. The capital-budgeting analyst, therefore, is necessarily a detective who must winnow bad evidence from good. Much of the challenge is in knowing what quantitative...

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The Financial Detective

companies with certain industries tend to have similar financial make-ups. This is because companies within an industry face many of the same economic forces. Some of those economic forces would include government regulation, consumer sentiment towards the product or service, consumer demographics, and international appeal and competition. However, when you take a deeper look at the companies within the industry you will see differences in their financial statements because companies must tailor a competitive...

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