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Porters 5 Force Model

cost, on average, there is very little operating leverage from extra sales volume. A new two-piece can plant costs only $10 to $ 15 million per line and the minimum efficient plant size is two to three lines. There are few financial or “scale” barriers to entry. Through the 1960s, American steel companies were the sole suppliers of the metal used by the industry. Can companies, in turn, were the fourth largest consumer of steel. During the 1970s, aluminum came to dominate the traditional tin-plated...

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Five Force of Ebay

model. The model includes threat of potential new entrants, threat of rivalry in the industry, threat of suppliers, threat of suppliers, threat of buyers and threat of product substitution. [pic] Rivalry in the industry Because of low entry barriers, the market is full of competitors. Yahoo! Auctions is one of the example competitors for eBay eBay continues to appeal to their customers and provide the best possible service at the lowest price. They are also continuing to expand horizontally...

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Business Driven Information Systems

the way that information technology can reduce supplier power for an organization and create a competitive advantage? A) Switching costs B) Entry barrier C) Reverse auction D) Loyalty program Feedback: A reverse auction reduces supplier power, while switching costs and entry barriers are typically used to increase supplier power. Switching costs and entry barriers are also not typically created through information technology. 6 CORRECT Which part of the value chain acquires raw materials and manufactures...

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Business Strategy

depending on the type of existing competition. * The threat of entry * The threat of substitutes * The bargaining power of buyers * The bargaining powers of suppliers * The extent of rivalry between competitors. The five forces constitute an industry’s structure. * The threat of Entry & Barriers to entry The threat of entry is low when the barriers to entry are high and vice versa. The main barriers to entry are: * Economies of scale/ high fixed costs * Experience...

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Competing forces

There are six major sources of barriers to entry: 1. Economies of scale —These economies deter entry by forcing the aspirant either to come in on a large scale or to accept a cost disadvantage. 2. Product differentiation Brand identification creates a barrier by forcing entrants to spend heavily to overcome customer loyalty. —> e.g. Softdrink Company 3. Capital requirements The need to invest large financial resources in order to compete creates a barrier to entry 4. Cost disadvantages independent...

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Porters Five Forces Amazon

Threat of New Entrants The internet reduces barriers to entry such as the need for a sales force, access to channels and physical assets. New entrants to an industry can raise the level of competition, thereby reducing its attractiveness. The threat of new entrants largely depends on the barriers to entry. New entrants can develop their web sites in a short period of time with incredible final results. This can be the proof that a threat of new entries into the market is possible. The internet mitigates...

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of investment necessary to compete Puts cap on profit potential in the industry Barriers to Entry 1. Supply-side economies of scale: Supply-side scale economies deter entry by forcing the aspiring entrant either to come into the industry on a large scale, which requires dislodging entrenched competitors, or to accept a cost disadvantage. 2. Demand-side benefits of scale: Demand-side benefits of scale discourage entry by limiting the willingness of customers to buy from a newcomer and by reducing...

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Entry Barriers for New Companies

BARRIER TO ENTRY FOR NEW FIRMS Celano and Cornetto have been the two biggest firms in Viet Nam ice cream cone market for a long time. Therefore, it’s very difficult or even impossible for new firms to enter the market. Such barrier can be listed as: - Advertising: Celano and Cornetto spend so heavily on advertising that new firms would find difficult to aford (that is known as the market power theory of advertising). The use of advertising of these two established firms creates a consumer perceived...

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Panera Bread

to customers preferences had made the industry more competitive. Lastly, the threat of new entrants has a high impact on restaurant industry. The number of competitor had determined the threat of new entrants. Restaurant industry has an easy barrier to entry hence it attracts a lot of new entrants. Panera had a lot of existing competitors and it should worries about future competitors. Panera Bread successfully positioned itself against all those forces that are suppressing the profitability of...

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Resmed Case

did file a suit claiming that Respironics infringed on their patent. However, Respironics convincingly argue that their devices did not infringe on ResMed’s proprietary device and the court ruled in their favor. ResMed failed to bar Respironics’ entry into the CPAP/OSA market as well as prevent imitation and substitution of their CPAP device. ResMed was aggressive in their R&D (spent heavily), but brought products to market late. They often pursued several simultaneous projects through 3 departments...

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