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Banana Republic

Inc.). The guys in the office were more mature, young and preppy. I soon found myself in Banana Republic, now those clothes were "tight!" It was at this same job studying stocks that I became aware that Gap Incorporated owned all three of the clothing stores that I literally grew into. It was then that I was able to perceive the class differences at play between Old Navy, the Gap, and Banana Republic. These three companies, in addition to Gap Kids and Baby Gap, provide an excellent example...

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Has Gap Inc Lost Its Style?

established by Doris & Donald Fischer in 1969. They named the company ‘GAP’ which refers to the Generation Gap. Due to its distinctiveness, Gap was listed on the U.S. stock market already in 1971. Moreover, Gap started with the acquisition of Banana Republic followed by Gap sub-brands such as GapKids & BabyGap and the expansions into Europe in 1983. Nearly, 10 years later, Gap was the second largest company according to their sales figures after Levi Strauss. In addition, two years later, Gap launched...

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Gap in Strategic Management Analysis of Gap Inc

the beginning of February 2008, the company had 3,167 stores, including 1,249 in the US and 1,918 in international locations such as Canada, the UK, France and Japan. Gap has also entered franchise agreements to operate Gap stores or Gap and Banana Republic stores in Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Indonesia, and Korea. Comparatively, Gap’s competitor, Abercrombie & Fitch Co, operated 1,035 stores in the US, Canada and the UK. Another competitor, Aeropostale ...

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gap inc

through inspiring product design, unique store experiences, and compelling marketing."  To make it easy for you to express your personal style throughout your life. Comment : Until now,Gap Inc have six branch which are Gap, Old Navy, Piperlime, Banana Republic, Atletha and the latest on INTERMIX. Each brand have their own target market and specify the trend of apperal. This can help to customer to find which brand that suitable with need of them. The vision Look for new ways to connect with customers...

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The Gap Roller Coaster Guide

over five hundred stores; largely targeting a teenage customer base. In 1983 the Fishers hired Mickey Drexler as Gap Inc.’s new president; shortly after, Gap Inc. purchased Banana Republic. This purchase rescued the struggling company from financial distress with Drexler revamping it’s clothing line and turning Banana Republic profitable once again. Throughout the late eighties and early nineties Gap Inc. expanded to form Gap Kids (1985), Baby Gap (1990), Old Navy (1984), and Gap Body (1998). Gap...

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GAP INC, A Case Study

Gap Inc. is a leading international specialty retailer offering clothing, accessories and personal care products for men, women, children and babies under the Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy brand names. There are four brand names included in Gap: Gap, GapKids, BabyGap, and GapBody. There are worldwide Gap headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area, product development offices in New York City and distribution operations and offices coordinating sourcing activities around the globe (www.gapataglance...

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Target Market Segmentation Research Paper-Gap Inc.

Introduction The Gap Inc. is a global specialty retailer that operates stores selling casual apparel and accessories for men, women, and children (Yahoo Market Guide, 2001). Under the Gap, are the Old Navy and Banana Republic brands (Yahoo Market Guide, 2001). Demographic/Psychographic/Geographic Segmentation Gap The Gap’s target age segment is males and females ranging from seventeen to twenty-five years old (Cosmopolitan, 2000, p. 2). The typical family life cycle for a Gap customer...

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S.W.O.T. Analysis

This type of organizational structure is called divisional structure and is common in environments where projects, products or product lines are governed independently of each other. Examples of this include retailers such as Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic. These divisions operate as separate companies, but they are each part of the Gap brand and Gap Inc. A divisional structure can make it easier for a company to respond to market changes. Also, within the division, communication is easier and team...

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Gap Inc

to be in the fashion industry with trends constantly changing, they need to be up to date with the latest fashions. Ever since 1969, Gap Inc. has expanded not only horizontally but vertically as well. They created stores such as Old Navy and Banana Republic. In addition to Gap opening new stores, they have expanded globally to reach a new customer base. Their innovation and creativity has kept them in business for over forty years. Straying away from that type of culture will turn them into an inert...

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Case Study Analyses: the Gap, Inc.

to expand its customer base, and aggressive expansion in the global marketplace. Today, Gap, inc. is recognized as one of the world's largest specialty retailers. It. operates four of the most well known clothing brands on the planet: Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Forth & Towne. (www.gapinc.com). Internal Strengths and Weaknesses The Gap was bound for success early on because the utility of its product mix (Etzel, Stanton, Walker, 2004) was perfect for a specific market segment. The...

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