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1984 Trash Notes

Julia quote We are the dead quote After sex end of chap quote Brotherhood leave Julia quote Obriens brotherhood quote Meeting Obrien in room without darkness quote Winston betrays Julia quote Cage of rats quote Rutherford crying, Winston crying quote Analysis At the beginning of the book Winston was a thought criminal and nothing more and he later evolves into a full-fledged rebel, joining the “infamous” Brotherhood. Winston was an extremely annoying character from the very start...

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SOR 1U: Islam

prison, released from prison then arrested again 1965, hanged in 1966. Seen as a martyr and hero of the faith by some Muslim. Contributions: His writings (Social Justice in Islam, In the Shade of the Qur’an, Milestones) Editor of the Muslim Brotherhood newsletter Reintroduced/reinterpreted Islamic concepts: Jahiliyya: ignorance. Originated when Muhammad brought them the Qur’an. Qutb wrote that it refers to ANYBODY who is not Muslim and that they are BARBARIC. “Only Islamic values and morals...

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Egypt and Three Obstacles in Economy

“The Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt’s Succession Crisis” - The Politiics of Liberalisation and Reform in the Middle East I find it hard for myself to agree with the “many obstacles that the Muslim Brotherhood faces in their quest to change the rules and networks of the political game” as Mohammed Zahid says starting on page 26 in this reading. According to Zahid the first obstacle is “the growing convergence and interaction between the state and business sectors”. And continues on to say and...

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Goldstein as a Symbol in Orwell's "1984"

enemies, precisely because he managed to escape him. Or did he? Did the Party just give the people somebody to hate because they needed them to hate someone that wasn’t the Party itself. Nonetheless, in Winston’s eyes, Goldstein is the founder of the Brotherhood, the person who kindles hope inside of the rebels. Goldstein is the symbol of the rebellion, and the symbol of hope, but in the end, he is the symbol of false hope, and the representative of a fake rebellion, since he has never existed. Emmanuel...

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Traditions and Encounters chapter 3 and 4 study guide

Harappan ways 2. The Indo-European Migrations and Early Aryan India The Aryans and India Second millennium B.C.- Aryans (nomadic peoples speaking Indo-European) settle throughout Indus valley Aryans practiced limited agriculture- depended heavily on a pastoral economy- horses and cattle- horses valuable b/c rarity and expense Horses used for transportation and used as war machines Cattle was principal measure of wealth Aryans did not use writing- composed poems and transmit them orally...

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How did propaganda help the Nazis control?

people didn’t see it coming. In contrast the Berlin Olympics was a full-blown and very un-subtle propaganda tactic the Nazis used to help them gain control. They used it to show of the large and impressive stadiums they built, and also ‘promote’ the Aryan race as Germany won the most medals by a long way. By not being so subtle in this form of propaganda, it allowed the Nazis to show the world their power, and links to how they used it gain control as their powerful image was one of the main features...

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Social Darwinism, Racism, And Nazi Germany

into the minds of its followers. The theory was used to warrant such things as imperialism, capitalism, and ultimately racism. Hitler utilized social Darwinism to mitigate his ethnic purification, or massive homicide of the majority of Germany's non- Aryan inhabitants. Hitler's actions, as horrendous as they might be, informed the world of a very popular intellect. The substantiality of Hitler's actions demonstrated the large number of people who thought that way. Despite this occurrence in Germany feelings...

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Does Religion Cause Wars?

religious reason, he had a deeper hatred towards the Jews and desired an ideal world, where there was only a majority of pure descendants of theAryan” race. The Aryan race involved humans with certain features such as blonde hair and blue eyes. Hitler believed that the Jews were contaminating his ideal race as they offered the “most striking contrast to the Aryan” (Mein Kampf, pg 259), thus leading to his revulsion towards the Jews. It is unmistakable that the beliefs of Hitler were not the only cause...

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President Woodrow Wilson: Winning the War with Fourteen Points

residents said. But the crowds went home, and soon the streets were quiet. After nine months of escalating repression that culminated in the extraordinary verdict, the military-led government that removed President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood appears to have finally cowed his supporters into near-silence here in Minya, perhaps their greatest stronghold. The city was the heart of a fierce Islamist insurgency just two decades ago, and threatened to rise up again, against the new government...

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"The Main Role of Education in Nazi Germany Was to Prepare Boys and Girls for Different Roles" Do You Agree? Explain Your Answer.

saluting and saying ‘Heil Hitler’. History books were even re-written to glorify the rise of the Nazi Party. Also, they had classes such as Race Studies and Eugenics which was a subject that taught pupils about selective breeding, to create a master Aryan race and to not marry inferior racial types, such as Jews. Race studies taught them how to measure skulls to classify different races. They also wouldn’t accept any teachers to teach if they opposed Nazi beliefs and teachers’ camps (which nearly all...

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