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  • the avalanche

    and all the students were asked to respond to the questions in the same order (A first and then B). About half the class‚ seated towards the back of the room‚ were directed to type their first response‚ and the other half to handwrite their first answer. Then half way through the class‚ students were directed to switch to the second question‚ and to use the other mode of composition. The room layout was far from ideal with the students seated fairly close to each other. The typed scripts were created

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  • Reading Lesson Plan

    textand elicits from them what “NGO” means. -Ss the Q and give examples. -Ss read the introductory paragraph and answer the accompanying Qs. Visual aids B.B Text book 15 mins T-S/S-T T-S T-S/S-T Practice -Ss survey the the text by reading the words in red bold type and choose the correct answer. -Ss read the whole interview and check their answers. Key:1-c. -T invites Ss to answer the comprehension questions. -Ss fill on the chart with objectives of both associations. Foundation Objectives Zakoura

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  • manual handling

    Manual Handling Short Test Pass Mark 1 10 out of 12 Question What is manual handling? a) b) c) d) Answers Pushing‚ pulling‚ bending‚ stretching‚ lifting Only lifting Using machines Any lifting done by a man 2 Which is the MAIN piece of a) The Electricity at Work Regs 1998 legislation that applies to manual b) The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regs 1998 handling? c) The Manual Handling Operations Regs 1992 d) The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 3 What

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    LESSON PLAN Subject : English Class : 4 Mesra Enrolment : 27 pupils Date/Day : 15th April 2015 Time : 8.30 a.m. – 9.30 a.m. Theme : World of Knowledge Topic : Care for the Sea Module : L&S Content Standards : 1.3 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling‚ pupils will be able to understand and respond to oral texts in a variety of contexts. Learning Standards : 1

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  • How to Encourage Your Reticent Students to Participate More Active in Classroom?

    the group. In addition‚ the teacher could also ask the quiet students to answer the questions or give ideas about the issues. Moreover‚ when the teacher give questions to the students‚ make sure that the teacher give ample of time for the students to think about the answers. After that‚ comment their answers in a way that combines encouragements and intellectual challenge. This will show that the teacher does take their answers

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  • GLG 220 Week 4 Deserts Lab Report

    Ch. 15 of Geoscience Laboratory Complete University of Phoenix Material:  Week Four Deserts Lab Report by answering the following questions from your lab book: 15.4‚ 15.8‚ 15.16‚ 15.18‚ 15.19 15.20. Note that additional lab book questions and answers appear in the University of Phoenix Material to assist in your completion of the lab.   Have you stayed home with your children for a long time? Are you thinking it’s about time you made a new life for yourself? If so‚ then maybe you should think

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  • My Mock Phone Interview

    was very impressive. The accountability of my weakness was honest and well stated. The next question was the very last question asked during the interview: “If you were to be a brick in a brick wall‚ which brick would you be and why?” I decided to answer this question from my analytical strength. For example‚ I began by telling where on the wall I would be and the importance of this particular location. Moving forward‚ I spoke about the significance of teamwork‚ solid foundations‚ and organizational

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  • criticism on surveys

    decision makers so‚ some questions started with "you" but some questions were starting with "I" Some questions were multiple and can endure multiple answers so they should have been broken to 2 or more questions The whole questionnaire was very boring and took over an hour to complete Many questions were positively biased‚ that directs the answers in a specific direction Some questions were involved in the non-professional/personal relationship between the salesperson and the decision maker Part

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  • Interviews And Questionnaires

    prepared to report back to the rest of the class. Task 2 When considering the use of interviews and questionnaires‚ we must consider what type of information we want to get – what form do we want the answers to take? Quantitative information can be quantified and counted up – e.g. number of ‘yes’ answers‚ number of people who answered ’often’ to question 3 etc. Qualitative information is often rich information which tells us a lot about that individual‚ but which is hard to compare‚ generalise and

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  • stakeholder

    An Integrated Distance Learning System Capable of Supporting Interactions for Asynchronous Distance Learning Shimon Sakai‚ Tsunenobu Narahara‚ Naoaki Mashita‚ Hiroshi Shigeno‚ Ken-ichi Okada School of Science for OPEN and Environmental Systems‚ Graduate School of Science and Technology‚ Keio University 3-14-1 Hiyoshi‚ Kohoku-ku‚ Yokohama‚ 223-8522 Japan shimon@mos.ics.keio.ac.jp Yutaka Matsushita Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan Banzai-Biru‚ 2-31-19‚ Shiba‚ Kohoku-ku‚

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