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  • Answer-Chapter 3-Financial Management

    Problems (Page 112) 3-1 to 3.7‚ 3-1 Greene Sisters has a DSO of 20 days. The company’s average daily sales are $20‚000. What is the level of its accounts receivable? Assume there are 365 days in a year. Answer: Day Sales Outstanding= Receivables / Average Sales per day AR = 20 X $20000 = $400‚000 3-2 Vigo vacations has an equity multiplier of 2.5.The company’s assets are financed assets with some combination of long-term debt and common equity. What is the company’s debt ratio? Answer:

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  • Chapter 3 Answers

    Making the Most of the Web’s Resources 1) The Internet is ________. A) An internal communication system for businesses B) a communication system for the U.S. military C) The same as the web D) a large network of networks Answer: D Section Ref: The Internet and How It Works 2) The concept of the Internet was developed in response to the ________ War. A) Korean B) Vietnam C) Cold D) Gulf Answer: C Section Ref: The Origin of the Internet 3) The World Wide Web was based on a protocol

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    What Makes A Smile‚ Smile? A wise man said a good smile could light up the entire room. So what is the secret behind a good smile? There are many factors that play a crucial role in structuring a “good” smile. First and foremost‚ one needs to be aware that “facial beauty is based on the principles of symmetry‚ proper alignment‚ and proportions of the face” (Davis‚ 299). The notion of symmetry‚ proper alignment‚ and proportions of the face also transitions into a smile and how it’s formed. Don’t

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  • AIS Chapter 3 P 3-7

    P 3-7: Use the Internet to locate www.CIA.Gov and www.Amazon.com. Find the privacy and security policies for each. Compare and contrast the use of privacy statements‚ encryption‚ SSL‚ and cookie policies. Amazon Cookies: Cookies are unique identifiers that we transfer to your device to enable our systems to recognize your device and to provide features such as 1-Click purchasing‚ Recommended for You‚ personalized advertisements on other Web sites (e.g.‚ Amazon Associates with content served

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  • Chapters 1-3 Homework Problems

    Workshop 1Chapters 1-3 Exercise 2-2 (15 minutes) | | Product Cost | Period Cost | 1. | The cost of the memory chips used in a radar set | X | | 2. | Factory heating costs | X | | 3. | Factory equipment maintenance costs | X | | 4. | Training costs for new administrative employees | | X | 5. | The cost of the solder that is used in assembling the radar sets | X | | 6. | The travel costs of the company’s salespersons | | X | 7. | Wages and salaries

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  • Fin 515 Problem 3-1 Thru 3-7

    3-1 Days Outstanding DSO 20 ADS 20‚000 Days 365 A/R = ADS X DSO 400‚000 3-2 Debt Ratio EM 2.5 Equity Multiplier = 2.5 Therefore Equity Ratio = 1/EM Equity Ratio = 1/2.5 = 0.40 Debt Ratio + Equity Ratio = 1 Therefor Debt Ratio = 1 - Equity Ratio = 1 - 0.40 = 0.60or 60% 3-3 Market/Book Ratio Stock $ 75 Total Assets 10‚000‚000‚000

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  • Case Problem 1 Chapter 3

    TO: Dr. Norman E. Pence FROM: Mary Nicole Porter DATE: September 11‚ 2013 SUBJECT: Chapter 2 Case Problem 1: Workload Balancing Digital Imaging: Balancing Photo Printer Production Digital Imaging‚ a company that produces photo printers‚ recently introduced two models of printers into the average consumer market: the DI-910‚ and the more sophisticated and faster DI-950. Analysis shows that management can expect profit contributions of $42 for each DI-910 and $87 for each DI-950 produced

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  • Chapter 1-3

    1. What do you see as some of the advantages and disadvantages of the systems concept of corrections?  Some of the advantages that I that I think that is an impact on the concept of the correction‚ is it helps decrease  some of the crimes that happens on the streets and get it away from our young kids. Another advantage is that it gives a  a road to recovery for many crimes.Some of the disadvantages that I think that is an impact on the concept of correction‚ we the public pay for them to be able

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  • chapter 3 1

    Score: 139.70 1. out of 140 points (99.79%) award: 10 out of 10.00 points Exercise 3-1 Classifying adjusting entries LO C3 In the blank space beside each adjusting entry‚ enter the letter of the explanation A through F that most closely describes the entry. A. B. C. D. E. F. To record this period’s depreciation expense. To record accrued salaries expense. To record this period’s use of a prepaid expense. To record accrued interest revenue. To record accrued interest expense. To record the earning

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  • Answers to Chapter 3 Exercises

    Answers to Chapter 3 Exercises 3.1. DRAM factory. You own and operate a facility located in Taiwan that manufactures 64-megabit dynamic random-access memory chips (DRAMs) for personal computers (PCs). One year ago you acquired the land for this facility for $2 million‚ and used $3 million of your own money to finance the plant and equipment needed for DRAM manufacturing. Your facility has a maximum capacity of 10 million chips per year. Your cost of funds is 10% per year for either borrowing

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