The Hunger Games


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1. How did Katniss get the goat she gave to Prim?

a. She sold her mother’s silver locket

b. She stole it from the butcher

c. She bought it with the profits from a deer that she poached

d. She found it wandering in the woods

2. What is the name of Katniss’s best friend and hunting partner?

a. Peeta

b. Gale

c. Haymitch

d. Prim

3. Why does Katniss resent her mother?

a. Her mother failed to protect them from the reaping.

b. Her mother cheated on her father with Peeta’s father.

c. Her mother retreated into depression after her father’s death.

d. Her mother mistreats Prim.

4. What is a katniss?

a. An edible root

b. A poisonous berry

c. An ornamental flower

d. A medicinal herb

5. Who gives Katniss the mockingjay pin?

a. Madge

b. Effie

c. Prim

d. Gale

6. How does Katniss’s father die?

a. He is killed by the Capitol because he is a rebel

b. He dies of starvation

c. He commits suicide

d. He dies in a mining accident

7. Why did Peeta’s father first point out Katniss?

a. To warn Peeta that she was a thief

b. He was in love with Katniss’s mother

c. To tell him to watch out for her in the Games

d. To tell him to buy strawberries from her

8. What does the mayor buy from Gale and Katniss?

a. Goat cheese

b. Deer meat

c. Strawberries

d. Fish

9. What are tesserae?

a. The kids picked to participate in the Hunger Games

b. Rations of grain and oil

c. A type of muttation

d. The hovercraft used by the Capitol

10. What...

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