The Hunger Games


Chapter 16 to 20

Chapter Sixteen

The girls become allies, ignoring the fact that both of them cannot win the game. They understand that working together, they can help each other now. They focus on Katniss’s idea to take food from the Careers. They feel that this will have a particularly devastating impact on the career tributes, because they have not grown up in the same type of harsh conditions as Rue or Katniss; they are unaccustomed to hunger. In order to formulate their plans, Rue describes the Careers’ camp to Katniss. They are camped around the Cornucopia. Their supplies are approximately 30 yards away from it, and the supplies are guarded by the boy from District 3. While Katniss trusts Rue’s description of the setup, she is bothered by it, but she cannot figure out what it is about the setup that is triggering alarms for her.

Rue shares some of her background with Katniss, developing their friendship further. Rue tells Katniss that while she was working in the orchards in district 11, she would sing a song, which the mockingjays would spread through the orchards, to let everyone know that it was quitting time. This mockingjay connection is critical, as Rue decided that she could trust Katniss because of her mockingjay pin. Rue tells Katniss that there are mockingjay nests around the arena. They decide that the mockingjays will transmit Rue’s messages, which will enable them to split up. The plan is for Rue to set fires that will draw the Careers away from their camp. This will give Katniss the chance to destroy their supplies.

Katniss approaches the Careers’ camp cautiously; she still finds the setup suspicious. She hears Cato talking about Peeta, whom he describes as badly wounded. As planned, when Rue sets the first fire, the Careers leave to investigate. Katniss sees the girl tribute from District 5, whom she has nicknamed Foxface, emerge when the Careers leave. Foxface approaches the supplies in an odd manner, and Katniss realizes that the Careers have employed the land mines from the opening, reactivated...

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