The Hunger Games


Chapter 21 to 25

Chapter Twenty-One

Katniss realizes that Peeta has no way of defending himself now that she has knocked him out with the sleep syrup and that the infection in his leg means that he will die if she does not come back to him. She spends the day trying to camouflage the cave as much as possible. Then she goes to sleep, crawling into the sleeping bag with Peeta in an effort to stay warm. She thinks about home, and about what Gale might be thinking, seeing her pretend to be in love with Peeta.

In the morning, she kisses Peeta good-bye and heads toward the Cornucopia. When she gets there she waits, watching the Cornucopia as the sun rises. A table rises out of the ground with four backpacks. Foxface, who has been hiding on the Cornucopia, grabs her pack and runs off with it. Katniss begins to run for the backpack, then hears someone approaching. She is attacked by Clove, the girl from District 2. Clove taunts Katniss, saying that she will enjoy killing her, just like she enjoyed killing Rue. Thresh, the boy from District 11, pulls Clove off of Katniss and beats her to death. Thresh then asks Katniss what Clove meant about Rue. Katniss tells him that she and Rue were allies and also about singing to Rue as she died. Thresh tells Katniss that he will let her go, one time, in honor of Rue. They hear Cato coming, and both of them grab their backpacks, running toward the cave. When she gets there, she gives Peeta a shot of the medicine in the backpack, then passes out.

Chapter Twenty-Two


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