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February, 12, 2013

Topic1: From the very beginning katniss is viewed as a controversial character by the Gamemakers. What made her such a controversial character?

“I pull an arrow from quiver and sent it straight at the Gamemakers table…“Thank you for your consideration” I say. These are the words said by Katniss Everdeen, protagonist from the “Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins, showing her anger to the gammakers who were ignoring her during her first training session. The story is set in a futuristic apocalypse in which the United States has been separated into 13 Districts, all of which struggle to survive under the harsh dictatorship of the Capitol (The government). Being supported by almost all the district 12 with an old rare gesture when she was picked up for the games & being ignored by the gamemakers when she start her first private training session can definitely tell what made Katniss such a controversial character.

The first reason that made Katniss a controversial character by the gamemakers was when she volunteered to take her sister’s place in the hunger games when the capitol called prim’s name during the reaping. Nobody in the crowd (panem’s population) applauded what has happened, and katniss regarded it as a small show of bravery against the capitol that expects the audience (panem’s population) to be excited. “To the everlasting credit of the people of district 12, not one person claps, not even the ones holding betting slips, the one who are usually beyond caring.” Add to that all district 12 joined together in a traditional gesture of support, by touching their fingers to their lips. It was an old rare gesture occasionally seen at funerals. “Then something unexpected happens….At first one then another, and then almost every member of the crowd touches the three middle fingers of their left hand to their lips and holds it out to me. It is an old and rarely used gesture of our district, occasionally...
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