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1. How does Gulliver extinguish the fire in the Empress’s chambers in Lilliput?

a. he blows on it

b. he urinates on it

c. he summons the wind

d. he waves his hand

2. How do the Lilliputians attack Gulliver the first time they find him?

a. they punch him

b. they shoot tiny arrows at his body

c. they bite him

d. they kick him

3. What countries does Swift satirize with Lilliput and Blefuscu?

a. Great Britain and Ireland

b. Sweden and Japan

c. France and Ireland

d. Great Britain and France

4. Who is Gulliver’s caretaker in Brobdingnag?

a. Grumdalclitch

b. Brobdingnagitch

c. Prudaliclitch

d. Bromdaliwitch

5. In Brobdingnag, who drops Gulliver in a bowl of cream?

a. the empress

b. the queen

c. the dwarf

d. he falls into it himself

6. How old is Gulliver’s caretaker in Brobdingnag?

a. sixteen

b. thirteen

c. nine

d. five

7. According to Gulliver’s Travels, how did Alexander the Great die?

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