Gulliver's Travels


Part II, Chapter 1 to Chapter 2

Chapter I


Gulliver has been living in England for two months, but he is ready for another voyage. He sails toward the Cape of Good Hope and Madagascar on a ship called the Adventure. However, a monsoon throws the ship off course. They arrive at an unknown land that appears to have no vegetation. Unfortunately, the boat leaves Gulliver ashore. He sees a giant that is also chasing after the boat. Gulliver runs. Upon stopping, he sees that there is twenty-foot-high grass growing from the countryside.

Gulliver walks through a barley field. He sees another giant, which he hides from. More giants come to harvest the barley, and Gulliver is frightened that the giants or their scythes will kill him.

When one of the servants approaches him, Gulliver screams. The giant grips Gulliver between his fingers. The giant places Gulliver in his pocket and takes his find to his master. The master questions the other servants if they have ever witnessed anyone like Gulliver. Gulliver attempts to give the master a purse full of gold, but the people of the island have no clue what to do with the gift.

The master takes Gulliver to his home, where Gulliver meets his master’s wife. Although his wife is frightened of Gulliver, they eat dinner together. Their son shovels Gulliver into his hand, and the farmer punishes him. However, Gulliver expresses that they boy should be forgiven. Gulliver naps in the farmer’s wife’s bed, where he awakens to find rats attacking him.

Chapter II


The farmer has a nine-year-old daughter, Glumdalclitch, who begins to care for Gulliver. He sleeps in her doll’s cradle, which Glumdalclitch places inside a drawer. She tailors clothes for Gulliver and teaches him the language.

Upon the advice of a friend, the farmer takes Gulliver to town to display him. Gulliver performs “tricks” as people walk by and observe him. When they return to the...

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