Gulliver's Travels


Chapter 5 to Chapter 12

Chapter V


Gulliver stays with the Houyhnhnms and Yahoos for two years. He tries to explain war to the Houyhnhnms, who have difficulty comprehending why war is necessary. As Gulliver describes the state of the government and justice system, he lambastes and expresses his disgust with English lawyers.

Chapter VI


As the discussion continues, Gulliver describes the economic system and types of food consumed in Europe. He tells the Houyhnhms about multiple opportunities for employment in England, including construction and medicine.

Chapter VII


After spending an extended amount of time with the Houyhnhms, Gulliver finds himself deeply attached to the horses. The horses tell Gulliver that after much consideration, they have concluded that Gulliver’s people are very much like the Yahoos, especially because of their selfishness.

Chapter VIII


To see if the horses have a basis for their argument, Gulliver spends time with the Yahoos. Although they are strong, the Yahoos are pigheaded and spiteful. In contrast, Gulliver notes that the Houyhnhnms are kind and generous. They have a commitment to their community and seek to maintain politeness and a strong work ethic within their breed.

Chapter IX


The Houyhnhnm who has acted as Gulliver’s master goes to a Grand Assembly. At the assembly, the Houyhnhnms debate about whether or not to kill the entire Yahoo race. Gulliver’s master proposes that the Houyhnhnms castrate all Yahoos. To replace the Yahoos, the Houyhnhnms could breed asses.

Gulliver continually finds himself impressed with the Houyhnhnms. They use herbal medicine and accept death as a part of life. They produce...

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