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1. Who is found guilty of and executed for William Frankenstein's murder?

a. Victor Frankenstein

b. The monster

c. Justine Moritz

d. Henry Clerval

2. Who finds himself/herself accused of Henry Clerval's murder?

a. Robert Walton

b. The monster

c. Justine Moritz

d. Victor Frankenstein

3. Who is Victor taken to see after Henry is killed?

a. Robert Walton

b. Mr. Kirwin

c. Professor Waldman

d. M. Krempe

4. Who is the first professor at Ingolstadt to teach modern science methods to Victor?

a. Clerval

b. Beaufort

c. Kirwin

d. Waldman

5. Where does Victor's first conversation with his monster take place?

a. In the woods near Geneva

b. In an ice cave near a fire

c. On an island near Scotland

d. In his apartment in Ingolstadt

6. What does the monster want from Victor when they talk?

a. He wants Victor to kill him

b. He wants to be accepted

c. He wants to have a female monster companion

d. He wants to look more human

7. What causes the death of Victor's mother?

a. Drowning

b. Execution

c. The monster

d. Scarlet Fever

8. Who cares for Victor after the monster is created?

a. Alphonse

b. M. Krempe

c. Henry

d. Elizabeth

9. How does Frankenstein's monster learn language?

a. By reading Victor's journal

b. By listening to Felix teach Safie

c. By learning from Victor

d. By learning from Walton

10. Which character(s) in Paradise Lost is the monster comparing himself to?

a. Satan

b. Adam


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