Cast of Characters

The monster — As is expected in this kind of novel, the monster takes center stage and is the central character in the story. He is described as hideously ugly, and believed to be approximately eight feet tall. He has been created by the scientist Victor Frankenstein. The monster is shunned by everyone who sees him because of the way he looks, but he is actually sensitive and intelligent. He only wants to be a part of society. He finally becomes so frustrated with being shunned by everyone that his feelings of being abandoned cause him to seek out revenge against the man who created him.

Victor Frankenstein — Victor is the narrator for most of the story. He is also the protagonist, and it is relatively clear that he is doomed from the start of the story. While he is studying in Ingolstadt he discovers the secret behind how to create life. Clearly he is very talented but some things that can be done should still not be done. This discovery causes Frankenstein to create a monster that is terribly grotesque looking but also very intelligent. He ends up recoiling from this monster in horror and decides to keep the monster a secret from everyone. As the story moves forward, Victor feels more ashamed and guiltier that he has created the monster and that there is nothing he can do to stop it from ruining lives - including his own.

Robert Walton — Robert is an arctic seafarer. His letters open and close the novel. The premise behind this is that Walton is the one who rescues Victor from off of a large piece of ice. He nurses Victor back to health and hears his story in the process. As a way of recording the tale he writes it down in a long series of letter that are addressed to Margaret Saville, his sister who lives in England.

Alphonse Frankenstein — Alphonse is Victor's father. He is quite sympathetic to his son and the problems he is facing in his life. In moments of pain and trouble, Alphonse is always there to console Victor. His main point is to get Victor to...

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