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Chapter Thirteen

Winter starts to thaw and it gets closer to spring. Felix seems particularly unhappy, but the other cottagers are not happy either. Eventually a lovely woman arrives at the cottage on a horse. She is wearing a dark-colored dress and a veil. She asks to see Felix, who is thrilled to see her. The woman does not speak the same language as the people in the cottage. Her name is Safie. The mood of everyone in the cottage brightens when she moves in, and they people who live in the cottage set out to teach her their language. The monster learns right along with her. He learns to read and learns about the history of the world. Once he can speak and read he can listen to the conversation of the cottagers and keep up with what is happening in the human society of which he longs to be a part. He realizes that will not be possible because of the way he looks. He also sees what it is like to be part of a family, and that knowledge only makes his isolation more painful.

This chapter is particularly important in the reader's understanding of the monster's development. He is no longer seen as a creature, but as a human being. He has been created and he longs to be a part of everything. Since he cannot, he is frequently angry and upset. It is a very understandable emotion. The killings he has done are actually rather out of character for him, and came about because he was emotionally overwhelmed due to rejection by his creator. While they are not excusable, they are understandable in that sense. Victor is actually the one at fault for the killings but he is not willing to recognize this. He is also not willing to do what he can to help the monster feel better or to provide him with anything that will bring him happiness. With his willingness to go into the ice cave and listen to the monster there is a spark of hope that he may have a change of heart and better come to understand his creation. That could lead to a better outcome for everyone involved.

Chapter Fourteen

Eventually the monster is able...

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