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Chapter Seven

When they get back to the university there is a letter waiting for Victor. It is from his father, and tells him that William - his youngest brother - has been killed. Victor is shocked and saddened by the news. He is also very apprehensive and worried. He decides that he will leave immediately and go back to Geneva. When he gets there it is already night time. The gates to the city are closed and he cannot get in. All evening and night he walks around in the woods near the town. He goes to the spot where people found his brother's body and he sees the monster nearby. This convinces Victor that the monster was the one who killed William. Victor goes home the next day, after the gates to the town are opened in the morning. He finds that it is Justine who has been accused of murdering William. When the body was discovered a servant found that Justine had a picture of Caroline in her pocket. The last time the picture was seen, William had it with him.

Victor says that Justine is innocent, but the evidence against her is strong and Victor is not willing to admit what he has created. He is afraid that people will blame him and think he is crazy. Even though he does not want Justine to be punished, his desire to save himself is stronger than his concern for her. Even knowing that his brother has been murdered, and knowing that his creation was the one responsible for that murder, is not enough for Victor to admit what has happened. He avoids providing any information about what he has created and does not talk about it, even to Henry or Elizabeth. This is very significant, because it shows that Victor's concern for himself and his well-being is still higher than the concern he feels for others. Even though he loves his family he will not sacrifice himself to prosecution or the potential of being branded insane in order to explain what has actually taken place. Even Justine, who is about to be executed, is not told the truth.

Chapter Eight

Justine decides that she will confess to the crime. She...

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