William Mackenzie King

Topics: William Lyon Mackenzie King, Retirement, Pension Pages: 3 (777 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Mackenzie King’s extraordinary achievements are what make him one of the greatest Prime Ministers Canada has ever known. •Canada’s most intelligent Prime Minister
Old Age Pension for the elderly
Unemployment Insurance Act for those without work
Family Allowance to assist families
King made sure to refrain from forcing men to fight in WWII •Thesis: Mackenzie King was widely respected by his generation for his intelligence, and altruistic personality, but above all, for his achievements.

II.Background and Childhood
Born on December 17, 1874 Kitchener ON
Named William Lyon Mackenzie King after his grandfather
Son of an unsuccessful lawyer and ambitious mother but his family was far from indigent •His complex character was one of great intelligence, intuition, and ambition •His Private Occupation was a Civil servant

King was a member of the liberals
He was prime minister from 1921 – 1930
Was re-elected in 1935-1948

T.S - Mackenzie King was the most intelligent Prime Minister Canada has ever had. •Studied at University of Toronto, Chicago, Harvard and the London School of Economics •Education also included social work in some of the worst slums in North America •Remains the most well-educated of Canadian Prime Ministers today IV.Accomplishments

T.S – Mackenzie King was adamant that his accomplishments would help Canada in both the short and long run.

a.Old age pensions
Survivor and disability pensions were created for war veterans and their families •There was still a large need for old age pensions
In the 1920s, the issue of government assistance for the elderly was back on the political agenda •Mackenzie King introduced legislation that became the Old Age Pensions Act in 1927. •In 1927, Canada’s first Old Age Pensions Act was passed: oThe maximum pension was $20 per month or $240 per...
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