William Lyon Mackenzie King: Canadian Prime Minister

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Canada has had many prime ministers throughout its history; many were successful and were great leaders and other were not quite as successful. Out of the many Prime Ministers of Canada, William Lyon Mackenzie King was considered one of the greatest leaders of Canada. King held the position of Prime Minister of Canada for the longest time in Canadian history. He was Prime Minister for over 22 years and was leader of the Liberal Party of Canada for over 29 years and was Prime Minister from: 1921-1926, 1926-1930 and 1935-48. King’s will to not give up on Canada, always coming up with ideas that will support both the citizens and government of Canada and his leadership skills are just some of the thing that separated him from the other Prime Ministers. King had given Canada the freedom and the independence, successfully led Canada out of the Great Depression and into a better and growing era, and contributed in large international conflicts such as World War 2; boosting Canadian economy, relation with other countries and reputation. He helped Canada be the country it is today.
Out of the many things King...

King managed to get Canada majority of its independence and made Canada a self-governing country. He also got Canada out of the dark and ended the great depression. He brought Canada’s economy to a stable position again and created new jobs causing the unemployment rate to drop. King successfully led Canada through World War II, which increased Canadian economy, vanished the effects of the depression from Canada, and at the same time created a great reputation for Canada. In conclusion, King was a successful leader and deserved the position of Prime Minister of Canada. He never gave up on Canada and also brought hope to Canada at the worst times, which brought Canada to where it is now. He believed in Canada and only because of that he was a successful man and was able to make Canada a great...
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