What Are The Similarities Between Joey Smallwood And Mackenzie King

Topics: World War II, William Lyon Mackenzie King, British Empire, Canada / Pages: 8 (1830 words) / Published: Jan 9th, 2018
Canada is one of the most developed nations in the world that carries an effective history that spans over the last 150 years. Many leaders have led Canada and helped people overcome their struggles. Mackenzie King, the 10th prime minister, is known for his strong leadership skills and his intelligence. These traits can be proven through his actions during the second world war and his actions as Prime Minister. Joey Smallwood is known for being a father of confederation as he signed Newfoundland and Labrador to join Canada. Both, Mackenzie King and Joey Smallwood, were incredible leaders. Firstly, they both impacted a grand amount of people in different ways, the quantity of their actions. Secondly, they both impacted people in a profound way, …show more content…
While Smallwood impacted the people of Newfoundland and Labrador by signing Confederation and becoming part of Canada. King had made a more profound impact on people’s lives as he created old age pension in the 1920’s. Since Canada was at the time of the roaring ‘20s, he decided that the elderly needed to have money saved up for when they can work no longer. This made quite a profound impact on the elderly as they did not have to continue to work to have money in their pockets when they could not. This also aided them during the Great Depression. Shortly after, King created unemployment insurance in 1940 after the Great Depression in case an event as disastrous were to ever happen again. This had a very profound impact on people as it helped them in times of financial need. This helped families pay their bills and have food to eat. This also impacted people greatly as it gave a sense of security to those who had the insurance. King also had a profound impact on the war by not immediately sending Canada into war. Instead, he wanted people to produce crops. They provided rations for the soldiers to eat overseas while fighting. His actions to hold back from …show more content…
Mackenzie King made significant and important changes, impacted more lives, and used his talent of persuasiveness to become a more historically significant leader than Joey Smallwood. Mackenzie King was a strong leader through his natural qualities. He was calm, but most importantly, he was logical. He thought things out before executing. Canadians should look upon Mackenzie King as an example of how a leader should be. Canadians citizens should aspire to lead as Mackenzie King once

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