Unit 1 Networking Fundamentals

Topics: Client-server, Peer-to-peer, Computer network Pages: 1 (431 words) Published: June 25, 2013
1. Unit 1 review questions:
a. The functions provided by a network are usually referred to as Network Services. b. A(n) Client Server may also be known as simply an access server. c. True or False: A client/server network is the simplest network model. d. True or False: A common way to share resources on a client/server network is by modifying the file-sharing controls via the computer’s operating system. e. True or False: The oldest and still most frequently used network communications services are print services. 3. Still learning about all these technical terms, so I goggled it come up with the similarities and differences between a peer-to-peer network and a client-server network are peer-to-peer network is inexpensive to set up and are installed where the employee most interacts regularly. Client-Server networks are as big or as little as you need, in some cases it has supported millions of users and ultimately can be really expensive to support and install. It says the concept behind the peer-to-peer networking is to be able to share all your files and use the same printers as cheap as possible. Seems though having a Peer-to-peer network you are exposing yourself, it has no central security or any way to change your settings, that it can’t control what is shared on the network.

4. Describe two hypothetical situations, one in which a peer-to-peer network would be most appropriate and one in which a client-server network would be most appropriate, and explain why the particular network type would be most appropriate for that case. In one of my previous jobs I worked for an eye doctor, the best thing for her when setting up her office is to build a peer-to-peer network. We had a total of 5 people that worked in the office, by doing the peer-to-peer network it is inexpensive and it will get the job done. We don’t need a lot being a small company and we shared the network drive for the patient files and printed to the same printer. For the Client-Server...
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