Internet and Ebusiness

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Internet And E Business


Understanding the scope of E Business

Prepared By : Fayza Firoz

Ziaul Asif Chowdhury

HND- In Business (Finance)

FutureED Corporation

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Internet And E Business

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I am very thankful to everyone who all supported me, for I have completed my assignment on Internet and E business effectively and moreover on time. I am equally grateful to my teacher Mrs Fayza Firoz. She gave me moral support and guided me in different matters regarding the topic. She had been very kind and patient while suggesting me the outlines of this assignment and correcting my doubts. I thank her for her overall supports.

This Assignment briefly describes about understanding the environment in which E business is conducted and business transaction types and to be able to use different e- business models, also to use good website to attract internet online customer to boost business’s sale. And the impact of a well designed website to an e- business.

Particulars Page No

1.1 Describe the environment in which e-business is conducted and business transaction types.4

1.2: Explain the benefits and barriers to businesses considering an online presence. Explain some of the benefits that Banknet from the case study will have by using an e-Business solution.6

1.3: Assess the security and legislative issues facing an online business organization.8

1.4: State the mode of communication available to an e-business and their applications. Suggest the type of communication Banknet can use to make it more users friendly.10

2.1: Explain the internet technologies and their importance in making an e-business successful.13

2.2: Explain the main features of HTML15

2.3: Analyse the functions of client servers and browsers, and the role of the search engine.16

2.4: Analyse the functions of client servers and browsers, and the role of the search engine.19

3.1: illustrate the different e-business models that can be used to generate revenue for a business.21

3.2: Analyse each model in terms of its capacity to generate revenues.23

3.3: Report on future developments in e business models.25

4.1: Use the key elements of good web design structure.27

4.2: Evaluate the impact of well designed website to an e-business. Explain the impact of Banknet on its customers.28

4.3: Report on the issues concerning website usability.30

E-business is about using Internet technologies to provide superior customer service, streamline business processes, increase sales, and reduce costs. E-business uses tools such as email, online banking solutions, websites, supply chain management software and web-based customer relationship management. It improves the overall business performance through internal and external process more efficiently and effectively and works more closely with suppliers and partners for better satisfy needs and expectations. A key requirement in today's business environment is the ability to communicate more effectively, both internally with the organization’s purposes and externally with the trading partners and customers. The following describes about the intranet and extranet and how both the items helps the e-business.

 Intranet is the generic term for a collection of private computer networks within an organization. It uses network technologies as a tool to facilitate communication between people or work groups to improve the data sharing capability and overall knowledge base of an organization's employees. Intranets utilize standard network hardware and software technologies like Ethernet, WiFi,TCP/IP, Web browsers and Web servers. An organization's intranet...
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