Electronic Commerce

Topics: Electronic commerce, Dot-com bubble, Electronic business Pages: 4 (1137 words) Published: October 7, 2014
Analyze the role of EC in the modern business and social environments. Identify three international barriers to EC and evaluate their roles in the success of EC. This assignment tests your analytical and critical thinking skills and your ability to synthesize concepts around topics. The paper should be in APA format, 2-3 pages (not including reference page), with at least two references. With the introduction of internet, Ecommerce has taken its supreme position in Today’s industry. Ecommerce essentially means trading products and services by using computer through internet. It has three important factors- Technology, Law Policy and finally Business Ecommerce was introduced in 1970s and, from then, its use has been exponential Ecommerce also had its setbacks during the start of year 2000 when the dot com bubble burst and the stock market was caught in frenzy. Only genuine companies like EBay and Amazon Inc. could survive this crash as they were able to generate good income. Following 2000, many companies came into existence with new ideas on how they can utilize the Ecommerce potential at its maximum. Role of E-Commerce in the modern Business:

1. You can buy and sell almost everything at your doorstep with the magic of e-commerce in this 21st century which will be known for information revolution. E-commerce has changed your lifestyles entirely because you don’t have to spend time and money in travelling to the market. You can do your e-payments with the help of e-commerce. 2. You can pick up the pace of your online business with the help of e-commerce application development and web development solutions. The ecommerce solutions offer many advantages as follows: 3. E-commerce is one of the cheapest means of doing business as it is ecommerce development that has made it possible to reduce the cost of promotion of products and services. 4. There is no time barrier in selling the products. One can log on to the internet even at midnight and can sell the...

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