The Daintree Rain Forest

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The Daintree rain forest was named after an Australian geologist and photographer, Richard Daintree. The Daintree rain forest is located in North Queensland and is one of the oldest rain forest. Rain forests usually have approximately 3000 species of plants and around 700 of these plants are only found in the Daintree Rain forest. This Daintree rain forest was added to the World Heritage List in 1988 on the 9th of December, which is why it is protected. Many plants and animals in the Daintree rain forest are endemic, which means that they can only be found there.

In the Daintree there are around 40 species of fern which include the King Fern, Tree Fern and the Tassel Fern. The King fern grows by spreading out on the ground similar to a palm. It has the longest leaves of any fern in the world. The Tree fern has been around for millions of years and has a thin trunk and long fronds. There are two types of a Tassel fern, with one that will grow on the ground and the other grows on other plants.

Cycads are a palm-like, evergreen plant, which means that they will stay green all year-round. The smallest cycad to be found in Australia is the Bowenia. The Bowenia has emerald coloured leaves, which are poisonous. The tallest cycad in the world is the Hope’s cycad, with seeds that are toxic.

Fan Palm
Palms have been around in Australia for millions of years, but first came from India. Two types of palms in the Daintree rainforest are the Fan palm and the Wait-a-While palm. The fan palm grows very well in the wet season and loves flooded muddy areas. This type of palm can grow up to six metres tall and have a length of four metres. The wait-a-while palm is a climbing palm that has spiky vines that can catch onto your clothes. In this palm, drinkable water can be found in its stems.

Layers Of the Rainforest
The layers of the rainforest include the Emergent layer, The Canopy, The Understorey and the Forest Floor.

The Emergent...
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