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  • tropical rainforest

    3.1.1. Why does life thrive in the tropical rainforest? The tropical rainforest is very rich in water and food thus life thrives. We all know that food and water are the things that animals need the most for their survival. It also has a warm temperature due to the constant energy that the sun provides. The plants need the sunlight for the process of photosynthesis to be completed and use it to derived energy. And the plants serve as the food for some animals and these animals serve as the food

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  • Tropical Rainforest

    Tropical Rainforest What it is? A tropical rainforest is an ecosystem type that occurs roughly within the latitudes 28 degrees north or south of the equator. This ecosystem experiences high average temperatures and a significant amount of rainfall. A biotic conditions of a tropical rainforest? The a biotic factors of this rainforest bio me are-the amount of water and sunlight‚ climate‚ weather and precipitation. These things affect the trees and animals that live there. These are very important

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  • Tropical Rainforest

    Tropical rainforests can be located in areas near the equator where the climate is warm and days last around 12 hours a day. The weather consists mainly of 79-157 inches of rainfall per year. The temperature in the tropical rainforest ranges between 68°F-93°F‚ keeping it consistently warm year long. It can downpour about 2 inches in only an hour. With recurrent rainfall‚ the rainforest remains moist and humid. The tropical rainforest’s humidity can reach up to 88%. Bengal tigers are an endangered

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  • Tropical Rainforests vs Tropical Grasslands

    Discussion Based on the data at Tables 4c.2 and 4c.3‚ it is evident that the tropical rainforest has higher species richness than the tropical grassland ecosystem. However‚ when based in the indices on Diversity‚ Similarity and Dominance in the tropical grassland and tropical rainforest data‚ the Simpson Indices favor the data for the tropical rainforest as more diverse than the tropical grassland. The Simpson Indices‚ as defined in Cuevas et. al (2012)‚ is based on dominance and as the number of

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  • Vegetation in the Tropical Rainforest

    How Vegetation In The Tropical Rainforests Adapts To The Climate Conditions. In the tropical rainforest the climate is very humid due to the vast amount of rainfall‚ which can be up to 2‚000 mm per year. They high temperatures vary little‚ but the average is around 27°C. This climate makes it very good conditions for plants to grow in. However‚ many plants have had to adapt to survive in the harsh conditions of the tropical rainforest. Some trees grow buttress roots which is when large‚ thick roots

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  • Tropical Rainforest Biome

    For this paper‚ I decided to study a tropical climate‚ Af‚ which is associated with the Tropical Rain Forest climate and biome. This climate and its associated biome is mostly located near the equator and between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Some specific places this biome and climate exist is in Central America‚ South America‚ Africa and the Indonesian archipelago. The two largest rain forests are The Amazon in South America and in central Africa centered on the drainage basin of the Congo

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  • Biome: The Tropical Rainforest

    The tropical rainforest is a hot‚ moist biome found near Earth’s equator. The World’s largest tropical rainforests are in South America‚ Africa‚ and Southeast Asia. Tropical rainforests receive from 60 to 160 inches of precipitation that is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year. Tropical Rainforest: Animals Tropical rainforests support a greater number and variety of animals than any other biome. One of the reasons for this great variety of animals is the constant warmth. Tropical rainforests

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  • Ecological Succession in Tropical Rainforest and Tropical Grassland

    Ecological Succession in Tropical Rainforest and Tropical Grassland1 Rica Rafaela Y. Jarcia Group 2 Sec. W-4L September 12‚ 2013 1A scientific paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements in Bio 150 (Principles of Ecology) laboratory under Mr. Joseph G. Campang‚ 1st sem.‚ 2013-2014 ABSTRACT Ecological succession can be described as the change in the structure of a community. This succession is relative to the dominant species in the community

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  • Tropical Rainforest Essay

    Tropical rainforests are currently a habitat that is currently experiencing serious losses. Some major reasons why the rainforest are having serious losses are because of agricultural expansion‚ urbanization‚ and the extraction of wood. Currently‚ the biggest cause is agricultural expansion which turned the forest into pastures and cropland to meet the growing needs for food. A study shows that more than 80 percent of the new farmland created in the tropics between 1980 and 2000 came from forests

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  • The Tropical Rainforest of Malaysia- Sarawak

    UGB 224E Natural Wonders of the World Term paper The Tropical Rainforest of Malaysia – Sarawak Introduction As we all know that deforestation sharply accelerated in these decades‚ more and more forests disappeared. Environmentally‚ it causes global warming‚ soil erosion‚ decline in biodiversity‚ degraded ecosystem and water- cycle.[1] Economically and ethically‚ the deforestation caused by logging and commercial agriculture by the developed countries‚ like the U.S. The people in developing countries

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