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Technical Writing

By juarejunjosph Oct 17, 2014 480 Words

Technical Writing
In ENG141
Mrs. Judy Solidum

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Rose Ann Alcorano
Faye Jacqueline Alingayao

1. Discuss the relevance of technical writing in relation to your course. The Technical Writing makes the people understand and communicate more quickly and efficiently. 2. Define Technical Writing in your own words.

Technical Writing is performed by a technical writer and is the process of writing and sharing information to another person or paty in the most clear and effective manner possible. 3. Discuss the basic characteristics of Technical Writing.

The Technical Writing is characterized by the maintenance of an attitude of impartiality and objectivity and by the absence of any attempt to arouse emotions. 4. Discribe an effective Technical Writing.

An effective technical writing must determined the exact purpose and understand the reader and have an adequate knowledge of the subject he is to write about that is simple, concrete and familiar. 5. Differenciate technical writing from literacy writing.

Technical and literary writing lies heavily on its use of language and style of presenting information as required for specific formats, literary writing will be prosaic or verbose. 6. Discuss the skill involved and effective report writing.

The skills involved in effective report writing to understand the reader it should always have in mind a specific reader, real or imaginary when he is writing a report and he always assumes that his reader intelligent but an informed. 7. What suggestions can you give to report writer for him to improve his work. I suggest him to undertsand what he is reading and analyzed so that he can improve what he’s doing because a good technical writer needs strong writing and communication skills. 8. What can you do to develop your abilities to write creative and functional reports. Communications is the abilities that we need to develop.

9. Explain why the subject matter in technical writing is specialized? Technical Writing is specialized form of writing because of the technical nature writing are for important aspect of technical writing. 10. Discuss the fundamental techniques of technical writing. Technical writing will teach you the skills you need to suceed as a technical writer, and you will also learn how to translate complex information into easily understood language.

ll. Collect a short samples of Technical Writing .
Evaluate them based on subject matter, purpose, significance, audience, format and ability to influence.

Instuction manuals on how to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any of those other social media things high school kids are so good at. Our users-friendly online help documents will make it simple for even the least tech-savvy customer to master your latest software product. One of the biggest barriers to succes for your product is customer confusion. Good technical writing clarifies the complex and ensures that your users are spending time enjoying their purchase, not pulling out their hair.

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