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2.0 Review of Related Literature and Studies

2.1 Introduction This chapter discussed the related literature and studies to assess and evaluate the existing system to see the need for the proposed system. 2.2 Review of Literature 2.2.1 Local Literature Regulating the establishment and operation of pawnshops

As stated in the Presidential Decree No. 114 series 1973 Regulating the establishment and operating of PAWNSHOPS, It is hereby declared the policy of the State to regulate the establishment of pawnshops and to place their operation on a sound and stable basis to derive the optimum advantages from them as an additional source of credit; to prevent and mitigate, as far as practicable, practices prejudicial to public interest; and to lay down the minimum requirements and standards under which they may be established and do business.

Every pawnbroker shall, at the time of every such loan or pledge, deliver to each person pawning or pledging any article or thing a memorandum or ticket signed by such pawnbroker and containing the substance of the record required to be kept in such pawnbroker's memorandum book in section eleven hereof, excluding the description of the person so pawning or pledging such article or thing, and no compensation of any kind whatsoever shall be received by any pawnbroker for any such memorandum or ticket.

Online Pawnshop Ordering with Inventory System (POWIS) for Security Pawnshop & Money Changer

No pawnbroker shall sell or otherwise dispose of any article or thing taken or received in pawn or pledge except at public auction in his place of business as such pawnbroker or in any other public place within the territorial limits of the municipality or city where the pawnshop has its place of business, under the control and direction of an auctioneer with license duly issued by the corresponding authorities, nor shall any such article or thing be sold or disposed of unless said pawnbroker has published a notice once in at least two daily newspapers printed in the city or municipality during the week preceding the date of such sale. In remote areas where the newspapers are neither published nor circulated notice by newspaper publication shall be substituted by posting notices in conspicuous public places within the territorial limits of the city or municipality where the pawnshop has its place of business. Said notice, whether published or posted, shall be in English, and either in Filipino or in the local dialect, and shall contain the name of the pawnshop, its owner, address of the establishment, hour, and date of the auction sale. Every pawnbroker shall keep a memorandum book in which shall be entered, in ink, at the time of each loan or pledge, an accurate account and description, in Pilipino or English with corresponding translation in the local dialect of every pawn, the amount of money loaned thereon, the date of pawning or pledging the same, the rate of interest to be paid on the loan, and the name and residence of each pawner, together with a particular description of such pawner, including his or her nationality, sex, and general appearance, and no pawnbroker or other person shall alter or erase any entry made in such book. Every person Online Pawnshop Ordering with Inventory System (POWIS) for Security Pawnshop & Money Changer 2-2

pawning or pledging any article or thing with a pawnbroker shall sign his name and give his address to said pawnbroker and such name and address shall be made part of the record heretofore described in this section: Provided, That a person who is unable to write shall imprint his thumb mark, and his name shall be written by a competent person, who shall sign his own name as witness to said thumb mark. [PRDE1973] Integrating wireless voice and data Based on the magazine Metropolitan Computer Times 2003, “The worldwide market for handsets took off in the second quarter of 2003, reflecting continued consumer demand for mobile...
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