Imrb International Marketing Strategies

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B. Guidelines for report writing and its structure
1. Report Structure
Cover and Title page
Declaration given by the student
Table of Contents
List of Tables
List of Charts/Figures
Executive summary

2. Chapter Organization
a. The Background
b. The Company and its Product line
c. The gap that needs to be studied by you (the student)
d. About the project (assignment or topic) taken in the organization

II.Literature Review: This section would mean writing about the ways in which the organizational realities are similar or different from theory. The management theory dealt with in the report must be written in detail. Some indicative aspects that may be covered are as follows: 1.Govt Policies

2.Regulatory environment
3.Marketing strategies
5.National and International Image
6.Future Prospects
7.Major problems/Issues

III. Objective of the study:
IV. Methodology:

Sources of data, Sample size, if any
Methods of data collection, Tools and techniques of analysis Instruments used and Data Collection
Data Analyses and findings
V. Suggestions and Recommendation
VI. Conclusion
VII. References
VIII. Annexures
3.Report Writing
i.The Cover and Title page (format given below) must be hard bound in Black Color with golden embossing of the texts/titles. Report must be written on A4 size paper and in consistent/uniform font and consistent styles for headings and subheadings. The font size used must be Times New Roman 12 or equivalent. ii.The first page after the hard bound cover as detailed above should also be the Cover and Title page. iii.Entire report must be in double line spacing with 1.5 inch left and 1 inch right margins. Top and bottom margins should be 1 inch each. Same font must be used throughout the report with normal, bold,...

References: (viewed on April 22, 2009)
Kotler, P., Keller, K.L., Jha, M., and Koshy, A. 2007. Marketing Management, 13th Edition. New Delhi: Prentice Hall India. 350 p.
Technical Reports:
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