Rights and Duties of Workers

Topics: Employment, Minimum wage, Trade union Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: August 20, 2014

Right to Work
Every person in a legitimate age has the right to employment. Along with this right are the right to a healthy working environment and the right to a just pay. Along with this right is the duty of the workers to work in compliance with the provisions imposed by the employer.

The government carrying out a job fair constantly to give suitable employment to people according to their working capabilities. Right to a Just Share in the Fruits of the Work
Every worker is entitled to a right of a reasonable wage in exchange of his/her services to the workplace. It is also the right of the worker to obtain social benefits like health care, pension and accident insurance. In corollary with these privileges is the duty of every worker to see to it that they return their work obligation to their employers.

The imposition of minimum wage law by the government body as a steer to grant every worker a just and sufficient pay. Right to Organize
The workers have the right to involve themselves into organizations that can assist to their work-related concerns. They also have the right to be granted a strike or work stoppage as a mean of pursuing their other rights. Provided by these rights, the workers should in turn, not abuse the endowment of these rights and should be deliberate to the good of the common people.

The administration taking into consideration the formation of labor or trade unions and heeding to their needs and concerns.
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