Week 1 Quiz

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Week 1 Quiz
1. WEEK 1 Quiz
A(n) _____ is a neutral facilitator between employees and managers who assists in resolving workplace disputes complaint team


peer-review panel

grievance committee

The concept of _____ requires an employer not only to produce persuasive evidence of an employee’s liability or negligence, but also to provide the employee a fair hearing and to impose a penalty appropriate to the proven offense.

just cause

positive discipline

the hot-stove rule

progressive discipline

3. A worker being fired for actions ranging from filing a workers’ compensation claim to reporting safety violations to government agencies is called

unfair dismissal

retaliatory discharge

red-hot-stove discipline

just cause

4. Mediation is most successful when

disputants see mediators as fair

the mediator’s advice has the force of a government writ

mediators are assigned by the courts to intervene

the mediator acts as a judge in the negotiations

5. One distinctive feature of the U.S. system compared with other countries is

collective agreements are of fixed duration that embody a sharp distinction between negotiation of and interpretation of an agreement

centralized collective bargaining

selective representation

low union dues and small union staffs

6. The right of employees to strike in support of their bargaining demands is protected by

the Taft-Hartley Act

collective bargaining agreements

state law

the Landrum-Griffin Act

_____ refers to an employment relationship between an employer and an employee, under which either party can terminate the relationship without notice for any reason not prohibited by law.

An implied promise

Due process

Employment at will

Fiduciary duty of loyalty

8. While mediation assists the parties to reach their own settlement, _____ hears the positions of both and decides on

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