Unit 1 Err 201

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Unit 1 Err 201
Unit 201- Outcome 1

Aspects of Employment

- Dismissal, redundancy, retirement and TUPE
- Breaches of contract
- Health and Safety
- Maternity / Paternity leave
- Holidays, sickness and compassionate leave
- Discrimination and bullying in work place
- Removal of barriers for disabled people
- Data Protection
- Discrimination during recruitment process
- Equality within the workplace, for example, working hours, pay, benefits
- How you are managed in the work place
- Entitlement to career development in the work place

Current Employment Legislation

- Equality Act 2010
- Employment Right Act 1996
- Employment Relations Act 1999
- Data Protection 1988
- Health and Safety at work Act 1974
- Health and Safety (young persons) Regulations 1977
- Transfer of Untaking Protection of Employment Regulations 2006

Why Legislation Relating to Employment Exists

- Ensures there is a contract of employment and your rights are protected
- Prevents discrimination and ensures equality of opportunity for all
- Ensures you receive a fair wage for a fair days work
- Ensures the work environment is safe and workers are safe carrying out their roles

Sources and Types of Information and Advice

- Government advice (
- Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Services (
- Trade Unions
- Citizens Advice Bureau (
- Health and Safety Executive (
- Equality and Human Rights Commission (
- Information Commissioners Office (Data Protection) (
Unit 201 – Outcome 2

Contract of Employment

- It is an agreement between you and the employer, it is in the writing but can also be verbal
- It must include the following information * Your name * Your employers name * Date of employment commenced * What you are paid and when * Hours at work * Holiday entitlement, sick leave entitlement * Pensions/ pension schemes * Your notice period * Job title * Whether you are permanent, temporary, full time,

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