G22 health and safety

Topics: Employment, Safety, Accident Pages: 2 (266 words) Published: November 18, 2013

KNOWLEDGE – Outcome 4
Know how to monitor procedures to safely control work operations

a. Explain the legal responsibilities in relation to health and safety for the following:

Employers responsibilities
Employees responsibilities
Safety for all employees, risk assessments continually assessed. Local and national legislation that directly affects your work. Industry codes of practice, regulations and requirements for practice and codes of ethics should be known and observed. Personal Safety, necessary safety checks and procedures, to remain safe. Actions to minimise danger to self when carrying out duties. Know your own personal job role and responsibilities. Be able to work competently within this job role, or access the required support to carry out work effectively.

b. Give the definition of the following:
Trailing wires, chemicals left unattended no lids, Plugs not cracked or broken, No loose connections, No exposed wires on electrical equipment, No water near electrical equipment, Risk
Bags left in walk ways, chairs left in walkways, trolley’s not in correct position, Control
Risk assessment, dealing with potential danger,

c. Detail the lists and reports available within the workplace, and state the information they give Lists/reports
Information given
Accident or Injury

Diseases & Dangerous Occurrences
Date, name of person, people involved, accident details, and injuries sustained if any, action taken, if any. Form needs to be signed and can possibly be used as a legal document for insurance claims.

Same as above.

d. Why is it important to evaluate information gained from reports and records in the workplace?

Must evaluate all important information, to make sure that information is correct and truthful, all filled in correctly.
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