Reflections and development reviews

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Activity 4 – Reflection
My Performance against the Development Plan
So far I feel that I am progressing in this course and my HR Assistant job role at a satisfactory level. By completing this assignment and the HRPM it has opened my eyes to the information and qualities I need to portray in order to progress. Refection on Unit 1:

During Unit 1 – Developing yourself as an effective HR Practitioner, I have joined the CIPD membership and have learnt how to navigate around their website in order to find helpful information. This includes the HRPM. I have used this to my advantage to find out where I currently am within the 4 bands. Obtaining the recommendations that I have from the report that the Map has produced is very helpful so early into the course. I am able to understand why we are asked to complete this in Unit 1. As well as the HRPM this unit has allowed me to research different theorists and their theories such as Vark and Honey and Mumford. It is surprising how often you can use their theories within your work. Reflection on Unit 2:

In Unit 2 – Understanding organisations and the role of Human Resources opened my eyes and allowed me to see the reasoning for HR and the reason behind the role that I have been working in for the past year. Looking at HRM assisted me to move away from the thought of HR being generic admin duties to keep the organisation in order, to the more strategic way of thinking and the fact that HR is in place to think up these strategies and present them to the board of directors to ensure the that the organisation is doing everything it possibly can to succeed and succeed the correct, legal way. You can see how and why HR put systems, processes and procedure and policies in place to prevent and deter issues arising. Reflection on Unit 3:

Recording, Analysing and using HR information
I enjoyed studying and completing unit 3 as we were able to analyse data in a spreadsheet and manipulate it into a report that we would then investigate and evaluate from your findings. It allows you to identify any patterns and familiarities in the data graphs that you produce which in turn answers the questions as to why HR collects certain employee data. I also looked into the legislative around what data you can legally collect and the length of time you must keep this. It was interesting to see how long some of the documents and data must be kept for and why Reflection on Unit 4:

Resourcing Talent – This was a very interesting unit to look at. Working in groups was great as we could all throw our ideas into the middle and bounce off of each other. I specifically liked the group work, working on the Recruitment and Selection process. It makes you realise how much time, effort and thought must go into the recruitment side of HR. I allowed me to identify the implications of not complying with the recruitment guidelines. Taking part in the selection process with the rest of the group was exciting and highlighted the processes we must follow in order to stay in line with legislation and not discriminate. Reflection on Unit 5:

Reflection on Unit 6:
Adjustments to the Development Plan:
As I am only on Unit 1 of this course I am happy with my development plan as it is. As I progress on the course I may want to go back through it and alter certain areas.

Appendix A – Copies of the results of self analysis from the HRPM The copies of the material generated by the CIPD’s HRPM are included as a separate attachment. Appendix B – Development Plan and Records

Development Plan – January 2014 – December 2014
Development Records for the period January 2014 – December 2014-03-01

Key Dates

What I did

Why I did it

What did I learn

How I have or will use it

February 2014

Learned how to use a new HR system at work.
The new system was being implemented and replacing the old one. New system information. Different and more efficient ways of completing a task. I will be using this every...
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