4DEP Activity 1

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I am studying the CIPD level 3 qualification in Human Resources Practice to gain more knowledge across the HR sector to enable me to be more efficient in my HR position for a small business services company. I am currently the only member of staff in the HR department and have the task of structuring and implementing all human resource practices across the business. As I have a background in sales I also manage the sales office and the telesales staff. A highly researched tool that will help me to discover areas of personal improvement in my current HR role and will enable me to develop throughout all stages of my career in this sector is the CIPD Profession Map. The Human Resource Profession Map is built up of 2 core sections within 10 professional specialist areas and 8 behaviours spread across 4 bands of competence. Please see a copy of the CIPD Profession Map below.

There are 2 core professional areas in the HR map, one is Insights, strategies and solutions. A strong business, contextual and organisational understanding can help you develop insights, to create strategies, enabling you to provide solutions. Whilst this core section is based on knowledge the other core section, Leading HR, focuses on proactive knowledge based leadership.

The 10 specialist areas are constructed to enable you to concentrate on areas which are applicable and beneficial to your current role, progression and organisational needs. These professional areas explain what you need to do and the knowledge you require to execute these activities across all 4 bands of professional competence.

The 8 behaviours can help to specifically explain how to execute activities within all 4 bands of professional competence.

These four bands outline your involvement within the human resource sector. Below I have summarised the different contributions of competence to determine which band equates to which career level within the HR profession.

Band 1 – Customer/client support and...
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