Developing yourself as an effective Human Resources practitioner

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Developing yourself as an effective Human Resources practitioner

Briefly summarise the HRPM and comment on the activities and knowledge specified within any one professional area, at band two, identifying those you consider most essential to your own HR role

The HRPM is a working tool that underlines behaviours, knowledge and skills that the CIPD understand are needed for the personal and workplace development on all levels of the HR profession, and how it will add value to yourself and your organisation. It looks at improving things not just at the present time but looks forward at how improvements can be made in the future. It has been created to be of use to all levels of professionals in all sectors in any part of the world.

The HRPM is set out over ten professional areas; there are 8 specialist Professional areas that specify the activities and knowledge that are needed to provide HR support to your organisation. They are Service delivery and HR, employee relations, performance and reward, employee engagement, learning and development, resourcing and talent planning, organisation development and organisation design. There are also two core professional areas, ‘insights, strategy and Solution’ and ‘Leading HR’, they are at the centre of the map and are professional areas that are considered relevant to all HR Professionals at any stage in their career. The ten professional areas cover what you need to do and what you need to know at all four bands and the behaviours you will need to carry out your activities. The eight behaviours identify how professionals should be carrying out their daily work activities to ensure that they achieve success for themselves and their organisation. The eight behaviours are Role model, Curious, Decisive thinker, skilled influencer, courage to challenge, driven to deliver, collaborative and personally credible. The behaviours are all about helping you to identify how to carry out your professional activities in order to benefit your organisation; each behaviour comes with a contra behaviour which outlines the negative impact. The behaviours are then split out into four bands, (The relationship between professional and customer, where they spend their time, the focus of the activity what services are provided, how their contribution and how their success is measured) they set out the competencies you need at each level of the HR career, and it also has guidelines to help move from one level to the next.

I have chosen the professional area of resourcing and talent planning at band two. I believe that the most essential activities and knowledge of my role within band two is advising and managing individuals or teams based on HR issues and problems. I help managers to identify the skills and capabilities they need to deliver current and future work and support them in making the right choices to fill the need. I manage and resource talent, ensuring they are fit for purpose and can deliver required out comes. I have the knowledge on how to execute a recruitment plan to agreed standards and deadlines and I know how to deliver effective talent and succession solutions whilst working with managers needs. I can also use a variety of induction and transitional tools as an outlined below. I have just finished a module on Resourcing talent in my CIPD level three; I have used the knowledge gained to improve the recruitment and talent management process in my organisation. I arranged meetings with directors and managers to discuss a more effective way of recruiting, and suggested ways to train and develop the staff that we already have. I also created more effective exit interview and appraisal forms, improved the induction process and brought in sifting tools and interview documents.

Outline how an HR practitioner should ensure the services they provide are timely and effective

As the sole HR practitioner in my company, I deal with many varied customers. I need to...
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