TMA Assessment

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TMA Assessment
Activity 1
The Human Resources (HR) Professional Map, created by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD), is an online self-assessment tool which sets the standards for employees to understand what key skills, knowledge and behaviours are required for HR personnel to deliver a timely and effective service. It is also used to support and enhance individuals’ own continuous professional development (refer to 4DEP Course Companion). It is a tool used to offer a ‘comprehensive view of how HR adds the greatest value to the organisation now and in the future to deliver sustained performance’ and is a vital resource for anyone working in or connected to the HR profession (Leatherbarrow & Fletcher, 2014).

Figure 1: CIPD Profession Map (Source: CIPD website)
As illustrated in Figure 1 (above), the map consists of: 10 professional areas; eight behaviours; and 4 professional bands of expertise, with each particular area describing the necessary knowledge, activities, skills and behaviours required for each band of competence (see CIPD HR Profession Map). The two fundamental areas Insights, strategies and solutions and Leading HR sit in the core of the map offering clear direction of the profession as an applied business discipline. The insights, strategies and solutions are skills any employee should develop to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the business. Focus should always be on the needs of the customers and adding value to the organisation. HR personnel must demonstrate an awareness of potential problems to the strategies and offer solutions to amend them. The HR profession map also states that effective HR practitioners should be able to provide an active, insight-led HR function (leading HR): ‘continuously driving themselves and others in the organisation’ which can be achieved through resource planning and managing team performance (4DEP Course Companion).
The remaining eight segments below, are areas in

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