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What historical events led to the increase in children institutionalized in Romania? Be able to evaluate (in your opinion) the ethics of the Bucharest Early Intervention Project (BEIP) with respect to the tenet of beneficence. *Be able to describe the general procedure, results, and conclusions of the BEIP study (specifically with respect to IQ and attachment; you do not need to worry about height). What two factors are known to contribute to infants’ expression of positive emotion? What is the still-face paradigm?

*Be able to describe the general procedure, results, and conclusions of the Nadel et al. study demonstrating the importance of contingent interaction in evoking and regulating infants’ positive emotions. What do interactions look like in the still-face paradigm when depressed mothers are studied? What does typical still-face behavior predict in older infancy? What are the four major self-conscious emotions that we discussed? How is embarrassment measured in young children?

What is the difference between guilt and shame?
What does it mean to say there is a “gender difference”? (This question is getting at how distributions overlap not at all, just a bit, or a lot.) What are some sources of evidence for a biological account of gender differences? What are some sources of evidence for an environmental account of gender differences? What is gender dysphoria/Gender Identity Disorder? What are some medical/hormonal ways of resolving gender dysphoria (discussed in the in-class movie)? What are some ethical dilemmas related to the use of medical/hormonal interventions? How is sociometric status measured, and what are the major statuses? What are some characteristics of sociometrically popular children? What are two definitions of “popular”?

What status tends to be most stable?
What status tends to be at the highest risk for negative outcomes? What are some physical, behavioral, and cognitive factors that put a child at risk to be the victim of bullying?...
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