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Enculturationterm anthropologists and psychologists use to descrive the deveopement, through the direct and indirect influence of parents and others, of children;s patterns of begavior socializationsame as enculturation

compatibility-­‐with-­‐child-­‐ care theory Womens tasks have traditionally been those that do not remove the woman from the household due to taks only woman can perform for children (breast feeding for 2 or more years) economy of effort theory if effort is expended collecting materials, the group that collects should work with the material, converting it to its final form expendabilitytheory Men will tend to do the more dangerous work in a society because they are more expendable. strength theory greater strength of males and their superior capacity to mobilize strength in quick bursts of energy are the reasons for universal or near universal patterns of division of labor by gender. gender roles roles that are culturally assigned to genders primarysubsistence activities the food-getting activities: gathering hunting fishing herding agriculture sexdifferences the typical differences between females and males that are most likely due to biological differences bride price substantial figt of goods or money given to the bride;s kin by the groom or his kin at or before the marriage bride service work performed by the groom or his kin at or before the marriage cross-­‐cousins children of siblings of the opposite sex. Ones cross cousin are the fathers sisters children and mothers brothers children dowrya substantial transfer of goods or money from the bride;s familt to the bride

endogamy the rule specifying marriage to a person within ones own group exogamy the rule specigying marriage to a person from outside ones own group extended family a family consisting of two or more single parent, monogamous polygynous or polyandrous families linked by a blood tie familya social and economic unit consisting minimally of a parent and a child Balanced reciprocity giving with the expectation of a straightforward immediate or limited-time trade Incest taboo prohibition of sexual intercourse or marriage between mother and son, father and daughter, and brother and sister, often extends to other relatives indirectdowry goods given by the grooms kin to the bride at or before her marriage Generalized reciprocity gift giving without any immediate or planned return Marriage a socially approved sexual and economic union, usually between a man and a woman, that is presumed, both by the couple and by others, to be more or less permanent, and that subsumes reciprocal rights and obligations between the two spouses and their future children

Monogamy marriage between only one man and only one woman at a time Nuclear family a family consisting of a married couple and their young children Parallel cousins children of siblings of the same sex. Ones parallel cousins are the ffathers brothers children and the morthers sisters children Polygyny the marriage of one man to more than one woman at a time Polygamyplural marriage, one indicidual is married to more than one spouse simultaneously Polyandrythe marriage of one woman to more than one man at a time Amibilineal descent the rule of descent that affiliates indiciduals with groups of kin related to them through men or women Avunculocal residence a pattern of residence in which a married couple settles with or near the husbands mothers brother bilateralkinship the type of kinship system in which indiciduals affiliate more or less equally with their mothers and fathers relatives bilocal residence a pattern of residence in which a married couple liveswith or near either the husbands parents or the wifes parents

clana set of kin whose members believe themselves to be escended from a common ancestor or ancestress but cannor specigy the links back to that founder,...
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