The Social Self

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Lecture 3 The Social Self
Definition: the self:
- Self-concept: The sum total of beliefs that people have about themselves. - The self is a set of orienting, mediating, interpretive frameworks (self-schemas) that gives shape to what people notice and think about, what they are motivated to do, and how they feel.

Organizations of knowledge that guide how people process information and behave.
- Ascribed identities: age, gender, religion
- Personal characteristics
- Roles and memberships
- Interests and activities;
- Material possessions;
- Views of others;
Self-schemas: beliefs about oneself that guide the processing of self-relevant information.
- Domain-specific interpretive structures
- Built up in domains the person considers both descriptive and important.
- Include possible selves;
- People hold many different self-schemas;
- Derive from self-observation and evaluation and observations and evaluations of others - Basis of self-esteem; resist inconsistent or threatening information; prefer validating, affirming information

Looking-glass self: other people serve as a mirror in which we see ourselves.

- Affective forecasting: People have difficulty projecting forward and predicting how they would frrl in response to future emotional events.

The Culture Cycle

-Two ways to be a self:
Independent & interdependent

Information Processing
- Cocktail Party Effect: The tendency of people to pick out personally relevant stimulus, like name, out of a complex and noisy environment. - Flashbulb Memories: The enduring, detailed, high-resolution recollections of personal circumstances around a shocking or impactful event. - Spotlight Effect: The tendency of people to believe that they are noticed more than they really are. - Feedback hypothesis: changes in facial expression can trigger corresponding changes in the subjective experience of emotions. - Self-Perception Theory:...
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