Topics: Immune system, Cortisol, White blood cell Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: June 24, 2013
2. 1) Outline the main features of the pituitary-adrenal system. (3) The pituitary-adrenal system involves activation of the hypothalamus which then stimulates the pituitary gland resulting in the release of the hormone ACT-H. This stress hormone stimulates the release of corticosteroids from the adrenal cortex. These help to control blood sugar levels and make fats available for energy. 3. 2) Sandy and Vandita – grazed elbows – Vandita’s wound is healing quicker than Sally’s. Sally is getting married and moving house. Using your knowledge of psychology, explain why Sandy’s wound is taking longer to heal than Vandita’s (4). Sandy’s wound is taking longer to heal because she is experiencing life changes like her move and getting married. These may be forcing her to make readjustments to her life like shopping for dresses or saving money instead of spending it, which mean she can’t do the things she used to do. Also, moving house/planning a wedding is a long term stress which stimulates the pituitary adrenal system leading to the release of corticosteroids. These prevent white blood cells from producing anti-bodies and so lowers the immune system, explaining why her wound is slower to heal. Also, research by Riley has shown that stress lowers white blood cell count and so Sally may have fewer white blood cells, explaining why her wound is taking longer to heal. 4. What does the graph show about the relationship between stress and the level of activity of white blood cells? (2) It shows a strong negative correlation between stress score and percentage of white blood cell activity. This means that the higher the stress score, the lower the level of white blood cell activity compared to normal. 5. Outline one strength and one weakness of using a correlational analysis in stress research (2+2) One strength is that it is quite unethical to manipulate stress in a human and so if you didn’t use a correlational analysis then you...
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