social and emotional development

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Babies begin to develop both socially and emotionally by responding to voices and faces, especially their Mothers and carers and beginning to smile. They have little independence and rely on adults for comfort and reassurance, feeling secure when cuddled.

By 9 months babies are still shy with strangers but will show their affection to carers. They will enjoy being with others and playing simple games like peek-a-boo.

Between one and two years they may show separation anxiety from adults close to them. They may choose a particular object such as a teddy or blanket to comfort them. Play becomes more fun with other children, and they will mostly be cooperative and they like to please adults. They can be easily distracted to avoid unwanted behaviour. From two to three years children will become more independent, wanting to do things for frustrated when they are unable to do something without help.

Jealousy of others receiving attention may start to be apparent. Although they will begin to enjoy playing alongside other children of their age, or others who give them attention, they do not necessarily play with each other and may be reluctant to share either playthings or adults attention with others.

The child may display attachment and separation anxiety at this age.

Independence continues to grow, and by the age or four children will start to become self motivated in certain things. They begin to cope better with new surroundings and people. Their social skills will be growing as play becomes more cooperative with other children. They are able to share and consider the needs and feelings of others. They like to help and please, and become more cooperative with adults.

Between the age of four and seven children learn a great deal about how things work, people and the world. They enjoy being given or taking responsibility, and helping others. They start to understand rules and like to have structure and routine. Play is fun with groups but taking...
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