Prison Tattoos Notes

Topics: Gang, Tattoo, Prison Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: April 6, 2014
Maintenance of Prison tattoos – have mission statement and list of behavioral protocols, rarely have formal protocols regarding tattooing. Most facilities prohibit tattooing.

Realities of tattoo prohibition – De facto pervasive tattooing prohibition. Doesn’t detail punishments for tattoos. It’s considered a minor infraction. Formal protocols are minor but in practice, the punishments are far more severe. This is due to gang correlation with tattoos. Parole board is entrusted with responsibility in determining whether you have gang affiliation, they convert the remainder of your stay to a solitary housing facility. Cognitive abilities decline once within solitary confinement.

Cocktails were created to mask the terrible taste of homemade gin. What we used to do as a strategy to evade prohibition and policing, it’s used as a sign of prosperity (ironic).

Methanphedamine was created in prison system. The facts that things are prohibited in jail has secondary effects in real society.

Over 35% of people between 25-35 get tattoos. Explosive growth and yet no rampant disease in private market of tattooing. Market incentives for competitive tattoo parlors is self regulating and totally effective.

Tattooing is a human capital skill set that keeps you alive in the social hierarchy of prison. Same as any skill, such as telling jokes, people want you alive and will offer protection.

Regulating tattoo-ers in prison would allow better ability to track and keep safety up (iron law of prohibition).

Value of getting a tattoo within the prison system is undervalued. There are lots of costs associated with having it and thus there’s an inelastic demand to getting a tat.

Tattoos are signaling mechanism admist gang members. Allowing them would improve the levels of violence within a prison system. Violence is an outcome of uncertainty. If you know you’re going to lose a fight, you plea or bargain beforehand. If you’re unsure whether you’ll...
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