What You Do Not Know About Tattoos and Piercings

Topics: Religion, North Pole, South Pole Pages: 4 (1175 words) Published: August 10, 2008
Tattoos and piercings have been looked upon for many years as negativity in the work environment. Individuals often assume you are a part of a gang or have been in prison when they notice tattoos upon your body. When in reality history has shown that this artwork has served in many different cultures, and rites of passage, sometimes marking status and rank, parts of symbols and religions, spiritual devotion, arts of bravery love, punishment, amulets, talismans, and protection from entities. The history of people has shown that even though some look upon it as shameful and wrong that it is of some good cause. If only individuals would take the time to understand the points behind certain types of artwork. So even though many companies and individuals believe tattoos and piercings are unprofessional and wrong, I have discovered there are more reasons then we all know.

When working in a business office or in a restaurant most of us do not see tattoos, but underneath the clothing there are pieces of artwork etched upon individuals. It is just in the work environment we do not see it because it is looked upon in a wrong manner. Most businesses feel it is unprofessional and that the work should not be visible. Most businesses believe that if you have tattoos and piercings you were probably locked up somewhere in a jail

cell for some crime that you committed. Not even taking the time to ask or wonder if there is more to the artwork then what is shown. Tattoos are referred as marks for gangs and standings in imprisonment. Most individuals assume the worst. If we could just sit back and think about what a symbol may represent before passing judgment, we may find that not all artwork on our bodies is wrong.

Historically religion has played a giant roll in tattoos. Many individuals believe that by receiving a tattoo of a religious symbol places them closer with their god. For example crusaders used to have a cross placed on their...
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