Tattoos In Society

Topics: Tattoo, Body art, Scarification Pages: 7 (1636 words) Published: June 29, 2015

A tattoo is a form of body modification. Tattoos are created by inserting ink or some other pigment through the epidermis into the dermis through the use of a needle .Tattoos usually express the meaning about the wearer and his or her place within the social group. Tattooing is one of the biggest and universal forms of body art which have been around for decades. Americans today are more of a private statement than public sign. Women tend to get smaller tattoos in private spots. Tattoos in United States have traveled a long way .In our global world tattoo designs and repeating ideas have more quickly and easily came across cultural borders.
As this happened the original, shared meanings are lost by they are not without any point...

The number of tattoo parlors in United States is about 21,000 maybe even more. The average cost of a small tattoo is $145 the average rate of people getting there tattoo covered up is 5%.The highest percentage of tattoo staff is in the military .76% percent of employees feel tattoos and piercings hurt you job interview chances. Today tattoos have grown in popularity tattoos have gained acceptance in the workplace. But even today many employers have rules wit visible tattoos. Some never get tattoos or they have them removed to avoid the hassle on a job search or...

Tribal communities would often use tattoos to decorate a warrior and display his feats and things there were completed. In some tribal communities of people women tattooed themselves in order to be more attractive to the men. Tattoos haven’t always been that now tattoos are almost a standard in our society. But even today the reason and meaning behind and individual’s tattoos are still very personal but not as meaningful as before .Most people are getting tattoos to wear the names of a love one that they commonly regret getting get it removed ,or they get their favorite sport team or something that is deeply and meaningful only to them. Women ages 18 and older are wearing tattoos so all of the world can see. For women there tattoos are often subtle and symbolic. Tattoos are beautiful remarkable, symbolic and they are an artistic way of expressing yourself through symbolism and...
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