Topics: Separation of powers, Democracy, Public sector Pages: 18 (10556 words) Published: October 23, 2014


TOC \o "1-2" \h \z \u EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PAGEREF _Toc354331056 \h 2 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc354331057" POLITICAL PROCESS AND EFFECTIVENESS OF PUBLIC ORGANIZATIONS PAGEREF _Toc354331057 \h 3 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc354331058" CONCEPTION OF POLITICAL PROCESS PAGEREF _Toc354331058 \h 4 ADMINISTRATIVE STRATEGY PAGEREF _Toc354331059 \h 6ACCOUNTABILITY PAGEREF _Toc354331060 \h 8EVOLUTION OF ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS AND MALFUNCTION OF POLITICAL POWER PAGEREF _Toc354331061 \h 9DOWNTURN OF DEMOCRACY PAGEREF _Toc354331062 \h 10PREVALENCE OF MORALITY PAGEREF _Toc354331063 \h 11FINANCIAL AFFAIRS AND PUBLIC ORGANIZATIONS PAGEREF _Toc354331064 \h 12ANTECEDENTS OF DOWNTURN IN POLITICAL POWER AND RESULTANT BAD ADMINISTRATION PAGEREF _Toc354331065 \h 14INEFFECTIVE STRATEGIC PLANNING AND PRIORITIZATION METHODOLOGY PAGEREF _Toc354331066 \h 15MERIT COMPROMISES PAGEREF _Toc354331067 \h 16ILLITERACY PAGEREF _Toc354331068 \h 16WOMEN DISEMPOWERMENT PAGEREF _Toc354331069 \h 17THE RED TAPE PAGEREF _Toc354331070 \h 17RACISM AND SECTARIANISM PAGEREF _Toc354331071 \h 18FUTURE OUTLOOK OF THE IMBALANCE PAGEREF _Toc354331072 \h 19ADMINISTRATIVE FIASCO PAGEREF _Toc354331073 \h 20SOCIAL TURMOIL PAGEREF _Toc354331074 \h 20DECLINE IN QUANTIFIABLE AND QUANTITATIVE PERFORMANCE KEY INDICATOR (KPI’s) PAGEREF _Toc354331077 \h 20FUTURE PERFORMANCE OF SIGNIFICANT PUBLIC ORGANIZATION PAGEREF _Toc354331082 \h 21EFFECTIVENESS OF DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS PAGEREF _Toc354331086 \h 21STRATEGY OF HIGH TIME PAGEREF _Toc354331087 \h 23NATIONAL INTEREST ETHOS PAGEREF _Toc354331088 \h 24NATIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE STRATEGY – REHABILITATION OF BUREAUCRACY PAGEREF _Toc354331089 \h 24PUBLIC-MEDIA PARTNERSHIP, FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION PAGEREF _Toc354331090 \h 25EDUCATIONAL POLICY AND REFORMS PAGEREF _Toc354331091 \h 25ROLE OF JUDICIARY PAGEREF _Toc354331092 \h 25CONCLUSION PAGEREF _Toc354331093 \h 27 EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThis report makes it evident that the weakness of representative political institutions can lead to a preponderant bureaucracy which distresses political process formulation. Our findings also support Administrative thinker, Fred W. Riggs' view that the political function tends to be seized, in considerable measure, by bureaucrats in a society with weak political institutions. Political processes aim at the formulation and administration of public policy usually by interaction between social groups and political institutions. Democracy envisages a political process which proclaims equity in distribution of resources and their management through organization and networking between societal participants building on potential opportunities. An ideal democracy demands a balanced and collaborative ratio of legislation, executive power and judiciary. Media and other social regulating participants put the added on flavor to envisage the true power of people for themselves by themselves. All these organizations must be held accountable for their performance to obtain synergetic outcomes. Factual findings show that an imbalance between the powers and effectiveness of legislature and bureaucracy renders the political system futile. Ineffective political institutions and misuse of political powers act towards ineffective working of administrative institutions. Deterioration of two important pillars of state result in decline in public – private partnership agenda, infrastructure development is hindered due to inappropriate allocation of resources by administration. Lawlessness, terrorism and social turmoil results from bad legislation and delayed justice. The international status of nation is put at stake and so is the independence. Decline in political power and bad administration is caused by ineffective strategic planning and prioritization methodology, non – cohesive visions of stakeholders, anarchism, disproportionate allocation of resources, the red tape, merit...
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