Personal Statement for University

Topics: Learning, Entrepreneurship, The Necklace Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: February 28, 2013
The recent economic climate has made me realise how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur and maintain a business. Nevertheless, it has driven me more towards achieving my goals. It is definite that I want to go into the business/management sector after substantial research and reading magazines like Business Review. The recent issue (Sept 10) has been particularly appealing to me as it featured articles such as 'What is Leadership?' by Ian Marcouse, which outlined the skills that leaders can provide for an organisation. I also enjoyed the article on business and the new government; what it means for British business and the economy in the next few years. After studying politics at AS level, I see how vital it is to be aware of political systems and the current world affairs in order to thrive in the business world. On commencing AS mathematics, despite the challenge, I believe my hard work and perseverance allowed me to gain understanding of new techniques to further my knowledge of the subject. I am now able to statistically analyse and accurately interpret data. I find the problem solving aspect of algebra interesting and trust that the skills gained from mathematics would be invaluable to a management course. An aspiration to master new techniques has led to me wanting to study a maths related subject at University.

Studying French has helped me to expand my appreciation and knowledge of other cultures and has given me a greater understanding of the world by reading stories such as 'La Parure' by Maupassant. The knowledge I have gained from studying psychology will always be a key advantage in the business world whether it's working with customers or marketing a new product. By studying behaviour and the mind, I have learnt about motivation and consider this essential in order to manage other people.

I have always been curious about the world of work. After working with a range of companies it has been motivating to view how a company operates from...
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