P&G's Marketing in China

Topics: Procter & Gamble, Brand management, Brand Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: May 4, 2013
P&G, founded in 1837 with its headquarter in Ohioan, is the largest consumer goods company operating over 300 brands including hairdressing and beauty, home care and family health in over 80 countries and districts. What is the secret for P&G to be so powerful in this area? According to the CEO of P&G, the key for a brand to be successful is to define a clear benefit for a particular brand and make sure it is better than any other competitor to make people’s life better. When you can come up with an idea that can express the benefit clearly, you can be successful. On this basis, P&G comes up with an idea that will make sure people really understand the product. Take the Pamper Golden Sleep as an example, no one likes to wake up in the middle of the night to change a baby and Pampers has a product that allows baby to sleep the whole night which is exactly what consumers need. P&G also comes up with many ideas like this, that Rejoice helps soft and smooth hair, that Olay makes you look younger and like your skin, that Pantene makes hair healthy and shiny, and that Head and Shoulders can wash your scurf and give you confidence. We all know that P&G is a multi-brand company and many people think there will be some disadvantages that the products will cannibalize each other while P&G see it as a total advantage because it allows the product to meet the needs of different people in different ways and what it is trying to do is to bring these brands together into the multi-brand idea. It is very important to realize not only each one of them have different benefit they provide to consumers but also they have a different character and a different personality---Pantene is pretty much for the high and beauty; Rejoice is much more the brand; the Head and Shoulder has a character that is about confidence. In China, P&G has a special program called Living Artist which brings all the products together, then it has a magazine, a website and...
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