P&G Oral B Product Recall

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Position Brief | Oral B Mouthwash Product Recall

Procter and Gamble, being a pioneer in the industry, have indubitably established trusted and well-known brands in the market. P&G is recognized all over the world having their products marketed, sold and enjoyed in over 180 countries. The company’s main goal is to provide its customers with goods that will improve and ease out their living. This purpose has been the driving force of the company’s astounding success. But despite P&G’s numerous achievements in the course of over a hundred years of service, occasional setbacks are still unavoidable.

Last July 13, 2011, American multinational company Procter and Gamble conducted a product recall of Oral B mouthwash starting in Canada due to possible microbial contamination. The pullout consisted of two products namely “Oral-B Anti-Bacterial with Fluoride – Alcohol Free Daily Use Mouthrinse” and “Oral B Anti-Cavity Dental Rinse- Alcohol Free”. In the succeeding days, Proctor and Gamble also recalled the mentioned products in different countries in Southern America and Asia. The affected products were manufactured in Colombia with ‘best before’ dates running from July 15, 2011 to June 30, 2014. P&G detected that the microorganism Burkholderia anthina caused the said contamination. This bacterium was claimed to pose no risk to average consumers. However, those with weak immune systems, such as people with cystic fibrosis, are in danger of acquiring adverse effects from the use of the defective mouthwash. Fortunately, no illness due to the contamination has been reported yet. According to CosmeticsDesign.com (USA), a spokesperson from P&G explained: “The products exist by different names in different markets. We have been working with regulatory authorities in each country to issue detailed consumer notifications about which specific products are involved in each country.”

In Colombia, five varieties of Oral B...

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