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Theological Foundationsmidterm topics & questions

Remember the BIG STORY:

Patriarchs, EXODUS, Covenant, Torah, Land, Monarchy, Temple, Split Kingdoms, North Destroyed, South in EXILE, Return to Land, rebuild Temple

Return from the Exile … Second Temple Judaism

Remember the BIG NAMES:

Abraham (creator of 3 major religions, father of Jewish nation), Isaac (son of Abraham was going to be sacrificed), Jacob/Israel (fight with God, named changed to Israel, father of 12 tribes), Twelve Tribes (from sons and grandsons of Jacob/Israel), Joseph (son of Jacob, viceroy of Egypt), Moses (with help from God rescued Israelites from Egypt), Samuel (turned the 12 tribes into a monarchy, appoint Saul as king), Saul (king of the tribes), David (son of Saul second king of the tribes), Solomon (son of David third king of the tribes, after death tribes split), Cyrus (king of Persia, was a pagan)

We have not had a lot of dates to remember (70 CE is one )… but it is important to have a sense of chronological order; be sure to know who comes first (David? Moses? Jesus? Augustine?)

Following are some words, themes, questions, illustrations from the last few weeks of class. This is NOT a comprehensive list, but shows the kinds of things that could lead to exam questions.

Theos – god & logos – word, understanding

Fides quarens intellectum:
“Faith seeking understanding”

What did God ask Abraham to do with Isaac on Mount Moriah?
God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac on the mountain, but when he was about to complete the sacrifice an angel came down and told him to stop and sacrifice an animal (ram?) instead. It was a test of loyalty.

Who is the father of the 12 tribes of Israel?:

Three forms of contemporary Judaism
Reform, Conservative, Othodox

TORAH: Mishnah & Gemarra p 282-283
Mishnah: First major written redaction of Jewish oral traditions Germarra: Rabbinic commentary
Talmud: Mishnah and Germarra combined

Tikkun olam
Repair the world

What do kosher laws pertain to?
Restriction to different animals and parts of animals that can/not be eaten

Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah
A Jewish ceremony to pass a child to adulthood

Jewish “high holydays”
Yamim Noraim (Rosh Hoshanah, Ten days of repentance, Yom Kippur [day of atonement; repent])

Nostra Aetate
Declaration on the relation of the church with non-Christian religions

Torah-law, Nebiim-prophets, Kutubim-writings

Five books in the Torah (Law of Moses)
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy

Translation of the Jewish scriptures into Greek by 72 scholars in 72 days

JEDP hypothesis
J- Yahweh E-Elohist source D- Deuteronomist source P- Priestly source Different authors picturing God in different ways
Enuma Elish
Babylonian creation story that parallels the story in Genesis The God of the covenant creates a good creation

St. Augustine quote
We understand things by reason, but to explain it we will point to something greater than us

Rather than predicting the future what is the role of the prophets? Call back, change, or restore; call people back to the Convanant

Vatican II – John XXIII / aggiornamento-Time of updating

Dei Verbum
“Word of God”; sacred texts are divinely inspired but written by humans; truth in religious message that’s being conveyed

What is meant by the “Intertestamental” period?
Justice over oppression, resurrection of the dead, God’s kingdom over the worlds kingdom

Roman rule – a “franchise” model
Allowed local rulers to retain power as long as they paid a tax and kept the Pax Romana

different ways to be Jewish in the 1st century

What does each identify with in Jewish history?
How would each respond to a potential messiah?

Christ: Messiah: Anointed One

Different uses of “anoint” occur in the Jewish scriptures Priest, King, Prophet, Cherub, Pagan Ruler can all be anointed

What is a gentile?

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